1984 fiction becomes fact: One

Ten ways the democratic northern hemisphere nations became the Orwellian west.

In his book, ?1984?, George Orwell envisioned a future crushed by the iron grip of a collectivist oligarchy. The narrative told of the?INGSOC Party?which maintained power through a system of surveillance and brutality designed to monitor and control every aspect of society.? From the time of the book?s release in 1949, any ensuing vision of a dark dystopia depicting variations of jackboots stomping on human faces, forever, has been referenced as being??Orwellian?. ?This is because Orwell?s narrative illustrated various disturbing and unjust conceptualizations of?control,?crime, and?punishment.

For example, ?Newspeak? represented the language of mind control, whereas??crimethink?,??thoughtcrime?, and??crimeface??manifested as transgressions against the state.? Guilty citizens were captured by the??Thought Police?, and the ultimate punishment consisted of??vaporization?; which eliminated every last vestige of a person?s existence.

In the horrifying world of?1984, the nation of?Oceania?was divided into three concentric groups:? The?Inner Party, the?Outer Party, and the?Proles, or proletariat.? The Proles constituted 85% of the population and lived in extreme privation.? The Inner Party represented the elite powerbrokers who led lives of comprehensive luxury compared to the minions in the Outer Party.

But in the real world of today, it is the globalist billionaires who own multiple mansions, fly private jets and ride in eight-cylinder limousines to climate-change conferences where policies are decreed to lower the carbon footprint of the proletariat. ?It is the wealthy elite of the westernized nations who have sacrificed individual freedom upon the altar of Collectivism as political correctness has stifled free speech and enslaved citizens drown under oceans of debt.

At the same time, megalithic multi-national corporations like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, have become the eyes and ears of?Big Brother; always watching and ever listening.

Indeed, Orwell was near prophetic in describing the proliferation of listening devices in both public and private settings as well as ?telescreens?, which simultaneously broadcast propaganda while relaying live video feeds back to the Party watchers.? And just as free will and individuality were sacrificed to the extreme demands of Collectivism in the fictional nation of?Oceania, so do the globalists and corporate oligarchs of the twenty-first-century desire a new world government fused together by technology and the circular, magnetic dynamism of the hive-mind.

Orwell sublimely illustrated the practicality, and twisted morality, of the state?s utilization of contrived wars and political scapegoats to subvert and shape society by means of circular logic and cycling causation.

And, certainly, life does imitate art.

On January 12, 2009, Dr. Henry Kissinger said in his New York Times editorial entitled??The Chance for a New World Order?:

The ultimate challenge is to shape the common concern of most countries and all major ones regarding the economic crisis, together with a common fear of jihadist terrorism, into a common strategy reinforced by the realization that the new issues like proliferation, energy and climate change permit no national or regional solution.

Given that Kissinger?s vision was to ?shape the common concern? of the nations by ?economic crisis? and the ?fear of Jihadist terrorism? into a ?common strategy? towards globalism, it makes one wonder if everything was planned after all.

Pursuant to 911 came the Patriot Act, the War on Terror, widespread electronic surveillance, eight years of Obama and?Cloward-Piven-driven welfare spending, burgeoning sovereign debts, pervasive political correctness, and the weaponization of government agencies.? America was definitely fundamentally changed by the Obama administration; and that goes to show, if the Inner Party ever wanted to turn a constitutional republic into a banana republic, they were geniuses to install a Marxist of Kenyan descent.

As a result of the?Hegelian Dialectic, central banking,?pay-to-play?politics, and collectivist orthodoxies, here are ten ways the democratic northern hemisphere nations became the Orwellian West:

1.) Continuous War

In the 17 years after 911, if anything has become perfectly clear it is this:? The U.S. wars abroad were not meant to be won. Instead, as Orwell once intimated, they were meant to be?continuous. ?Orwell identified war as the means by which a collectivist oligarchy could maintain a hierarchical society by purging the excess production of material goods from the economy; thus, keeping the masses impoverished and ignorant by denying them the surplus ?spare time? afforded by the convenience of modern technology:

The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.

??Emmanuel Goldstein, ?1984?: part 2, chapter 9

In the novel,?1984, the wars alternated between the three nation-states of?Oceania,?Eurasia, and?Eastasia. In the western nations of the new millennium, however, middle-eastern wars destabilized those populations which, in turn, created a mass migration crisis that is now subverting the former wealthy societies of the northern hemisphere.

By way of burgeoning domestic welfare programs, ever-increasing deficit spending, economic malfeasance, open borders, and wars abroad; the global elite powerbrokers have bankrupted the United States and destabilized other nations around the world.? At the same time, it was revealed that Inner Party members, like George Soros, have subsidized?color revolutions?around the globe.

The goal? Order out of chaos.

Moreover, it is highly likely the near two decades of modern and urban warfare in the middle-east served as?practice?for the Orwellian technocracy?s?New World Order; for a time when drones will deliver peace, like doves, from on high.


by?Doug ?Uncola? Lynn,?thetollonline.com

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