1984 fiction becomes fact: Eight

Continuing the series:?Ten ways the democratic northern hemisphere nations became the Orwellian West.

1.) Continuous War

2.) Widespread Surveillance

3.) Propaganda-Style Fake News

4.) Acceptance of Politically Correct Orthodoxies via?Newspeak

5.) Dumbing Down and Doublethink

6.) Censorship

7.) Two Minutes of Hate against Political Scapegoats and Strawmen

8.) Harassment and Arrest of Dissidents

Recently, President Trump pardoned conservative filmmaker, Dinesh D?Souza, which caused those in the Inner Party to speak out against such heresy.?? D?Souza was prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to eight months of confinement by Obama?s Department of Justice (DoJ) for campaign finance violations that normally would have been settled with?probation and community service.

The filmmaker was also subjected to what he said was?re-education?by way of a court-ordered psychologist and targeted as a?conservative?in his?DoJ?file. His real crimes, of course, consisted of writing a book and making a documentary that were both critical of then President Barack Obama.

Of course none of D?Souza?s treatment should have come as a surprise from a petty tyrant who?sued the state of Arizona?for defending its southern border,?spied on reporter Sharyl Atkinson, misused U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies to?conduct a counterintelligence operation?against political opposition and, previous to that, weaponized the IRS against the Tea Party.

Furthermore, just thirty-eight days after Trump was elected president, the Executive Lame Duck signed into law the??Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act??resulting in the expulsion of Russian?diplomats? ?spies? from their?homes??compounds? where non-existent crimes against the state never took place.

Additionally, and most recently in the U.K., conservative activist and founder of the English Defense League, Tommy Robinson, was?arrested for ?breaching the peace??while reporting on an Islamic paedophile gang.? Amidst a?court-ordered media blackout, Robinson was later sentenced to 13 months on a contempt-of-court charge.

At the same time, conservative Canadian psychologist, Jordon Peterson, has been targeted by the?left-wing smear machine: quote:

The Left?s attack on Peterson is so unrelenting, so superficial, and quite frequently so vicious, that many of us who work and/or live in left-leaning social environments feel scared to speak up against it?End of quote.

Before long, like Winston Smith in?1984, even writing down personal thoughts in a diary could result in a first-class ticket to Room 101; where individuality and personality succumb to the Borg.

This is very likely why the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is shopping for contractors to compile a database of journalists and bloggers in order to?identify ?media influencers?.? According to the DHS, today?s?diaries?consist of??online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources, and social media.?


by?Doug ?Uncola? Lynn,?thetollonline.com

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