1984 fiction becomes fact: Seven

Continuing the series:?Ten ways the democratic northern hemisphere nations became the Orwellian West.

1.) Continuous War

2.) Widespread Surveillance

3.) Propaganda-Style Fake News

4.) Acceptance of Politically Correct Orthodoxies via?Newspeak

5.) Dumbing Down and Doublethink

6.) Censorship

7.) Two Minutes of Hate against Political Scapegoats and Strawmen

In all likelihood, the Obama Administration?s spying on its political opposition will one day be known as the largest political scandal in the history of the United States.? The Russian Election Hacking Lie, however, which was initiated in an attempt to concurrently conceal the misdeeds of the guilty government coconspirators and derail the incoming administration, will go down in history as one of America?s greatest frauds.

Of course, to best deflect and divert the attention away from what?must not be seen?is to provide the citizens with other, more suitable, narratives and targets.

In?1984, war and the dissident scapegoat Emmanuel Goldstein served that purpose to such an extent the citizens would publically vent their collective anger toward both in what was called the??Two Minutes of Hate?.

In America today, the real live?Two Minutes of Hate?occurs in succession over the course of every day on cable TV networks like CNN and MSNBC.? It is there where the political pundits and the media talking-heads prosecute and convict?guns?for killing school children or Las Vegas concert attendees.? Or, whenever the frenzy of the latest mass shooting wanes from a boil into a simmer, Vladimir Putin of Russia remains a primary scapegoat; even causing Orwell?s Emmanuel Goldstein to seem more loveable than the Pillsbury Doughboy by comparison:

by?Doug ?Uncola? Lynn,?thetollonline.com

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