A Royal baby?


So driving down Tinakori Road this morning, in the dark, the 7.30 news announced that New Zealand was about to have the closest it has ever come to a Royal baby of its own, as Jacinda Ardern had just gone into labour. The Wellington traffic is not the ideal place to lose one’s rag, but bear in mind that I was listening to the Mike Hosking Show which normally avoids the usual media drivel.

I know we have been referring to her as the Princess, but I didn’t realise it was for real. When exactly did she become a full-blown member of the Royal Family? I thought Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle was the newest member. How on earth did I manage to miss that vital piece of news?

This is not a royal baby, of course. Not by a long way. While it may be something of note that Jacinda is giving birth while in office, it is only moderately interesting to some people, and not at all interesting to others. Pregnant woman gives birth. It is really not exciting or unusual, except for the people involved.

Let us just look at the stupidity of the ‘royal baby’ claim. We have already had a royal baby this year, being His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge. Jacinda’s baby will no doubt be called Chardonnay Helen Gayford, or similar. Prince Louis will be in the public eye from very early on, waving at crowds from the age of 3, or even less. By the time Chardonnay Gayford is 3, her mother will be a former prime minister of a one-term government, and the child will be nobody. Not much of a royal baby then, is it?

This doesn’t stop the media though. The child isn’t even born yet (at the time of writing) but the headlines are all baby mania.

This is from the front page of Stuff:

And here is another article from?Stuff?on the same day: Quote:

International news organisations have joined in the excitement as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern enters hospital to give birth to her first child.

The New York Times?got off to a quick start, reporting soon after the announcement.

Ardern’s “youth and surprise rise to power have made her a global celebrity”, it said.?Ardern’s pregnancy had prompted a national conversation about working mothers. End quote.

Has it really? Working mothers were commonplace 30 years ago. How come they are only just making the world news now? Quote:

The Australians were also onto the development fast.

Sky News Australia had a “Just In’ tweet, while?ABC News also had an early tweet.

Nine News Australia said the baby would be a significant moment?for New Zealand.

“Although she will become the first elected world leader to take maternity leave – and only the second to have a child while in office – Ms Ardern has played down the significant global attention she’s received as a role model,” it said. End quote.

Why exactly is she a role model? Has no one ever had a baby before? Is she doing something no one else can do?

I find myself reading less and less from the mainstream media these days, mainly because of garbage like this. Instead of reporting the news, and possibly having this announcement as the fourth or fifth item in the 7.30 news bulletin, it makes headlines. And they wonder why they are losing viewers and listeners when they are constantly churning out garbage like this?

At least Mike Hosking distanced himself from it all. Once the news was over and he was back on the air, he said he was ‘ashamed’ to be part of the media these days, for their endless fawning over Jacinda and her baby.

You have redeemed yourself, Mike, although I might have to turn the sound down next time the news comes on. Their pronunciation of Maori names is completely ridiculous and over the top anyway. I won’t be missing much.

UPDATED: This from?– NZHerald?at 18.15 on 21 June 2018 – Quote:

“New Zealand’s first child has been born.”?End quote.

I assume everyone else, for the last 180 years, simply crawled out from under a rock?