‘A vortex of nothingness’

Ex-Prime minister Bill English.

The first fortnight of July 2017 was a remarkable period in New Zealand politics. There were four leaders making the news; Mr English, Mr Little, Ms Turei and Mr Peters, but Mr Peters was the focus of the other three’s chagrin.

Mr English was the most spectacularly and tactically stupid of the trio of twits; ruling out working with Peters in any coalition which may be necessary to govern after the general election, believing that by frightening the horses he may shore up the perceived conservative-leaning NZ First voters to return to his own party’s folds, giving him a vital extra one or two seats the day after counts were tallied.

Growing more desperate as time went on, a strange thing happened, Mr Peter’s, accidental receipt of superannuation over-payments was leaked to the press from within government ranks. What an amazing coincidence.

Mr English’s haughtiness, some say hubris, some say under-handedness, would come back to haunt him. He would be gone from power, and from politics within twelve months as Peters turned the table; refusing to work with English.


Ms Turei attacked Mr Peters with a vile slur; the spear of racism, the most negatively-charged word in the modern vernacular. Mr Peters fixed his gaze on the lady in question and replied

Don’t call NZ First racist – an allegation that is spurious – and think there won’t be consequences.

Within days there were consequences: leaks of fibs, lies and the theft of taxpayers money by the miscreant Ms Turei would be all over the news. The pressure of the allegations would force her to resign, gone from politics and power.

Mr Little’s attack on Peters took yet a different tack; a deeply personal insult, calling Mr Peters a “blowhard”, a man of “blowhard politics” and saying, entirely inappropriately, that he was unafraid of “the swinging-dicks” of New Zealand politics. Within weeks Mr Little would be removed as party leader, but still in power, and still in politics, thanks only to Peters.

Mr Peters loves revenge and is happiest when he can serve it cold, like a cup of sick. So when Mr Little approached Mr Peters this week to tick-off his much-vaunted hit against the previous administrations sensible anti-crime measure, a strike-through of the strike-three legislation Little had been beating his chest with for weeks in frenzied self-promotion, Mr Peters, I suspect, said “Andrew, Mr Little if you prefer, I have two words for you; Blow, and Hard.”

It’s no surprise that Mr Peters described the three-strikes controversy yesterday as a “vortex of nothingness.” It was completely intentional and a reminder to Andrew. As far as Mr Peters is concerned that’s all Mr Little is ever going to be if he has anything, at all, to do with it. And, let’s face it, you have to blow pretty damned hard to blow yourself into a vortex of nothingness, so, well done Mr Little.

by idbkiwi?