Absolutely positively virtuous

Ngati Toa have dug deep into their resources, plundered their asset base and, in an extraordinary act of generosity, have given Wellington a word. (Well two words to be precise)

They have ‘given’ Wellington City Council a name for the city centre.

This enables Wellington City Council to tell the nation how culturally sensitive they are.

Quite why the Wellington council staff could not have consulted an online Maori dictionary and found the name for themselves is clearly well above my pay grade.? If the council feels that they have to have a Maori name then look one up and use it.? Why all the drama?

And, isn’t all this ‘giving’ of names just a tad pretentious?

But the name that the iwi have so generously ‘given’ is?Te Ngakau, which means, according to the online Maori dictionary, “something used to indicate to a friendly tribe that their assistance was required in a warlike expedition.”

So, the local iwi considers that the Wellington Council is a friendly tribe – that’s comforting.? But they want the council’s assistance to mount a warlike expedition.? This is a little worrying.

Who are they planning to attack? Are they mounting a raid on Horowhenua, or are their sights set on a bigger prize further up State Highway 1?

Are they cunningly taking advantage of the fact that Phil Goff has disension in his ranks and are choosing this moment when he is distracted by half of his generals mutinying, to launch a take-over of Auckland?

Enquiring minds need to know.

To mark the occasion the?Dominion Post, the capital’s leading newspaper, has temporarily changed their masthead to,?Te Upoko o te Ika, meaning the head of the fish.

I hope they don’t leave it out in the sun too long.