Activist Marama Davidson imports American outrage


She may be the co-leader of the Green Party but scratch the surface of Marama Davidson and you will not find an environmentalist. Davidson is an activist who is fond of importing American ‘outrage’ themes to New Zealand.

When I was a teenager it amused me when I saw some of my fellow students adopting the culture of the Black Americans of that time. Even today we see some Maori and Pasifika young people imitating ‘Black culture’ from America.

It is the same it seems when it comes to our activists who can’t be bothered looking at genuine New Zealand issues. Instead,?they regurgitate American activism themes and try to force an? American peg into a New Zealand hole.

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson’s latest wonky jihad involves accusing our police of racial profiling and ‘systemic racism.’ She makes this accusation despite the fact that the New Zealand police?have diversity quotas and work actively in the community to build relationships with so-called ‘diverse’ communities.

While her activism theme is clearly stolen from America her ‘evidence’ is nothing more than her and her brother’s personal experiences. Quote: