Actually Andrew, that is precisely what Kiwi voters want

Andrew Little is valiantly trying to convince voters that his “catch-and-release” policy for criminal justice reform is needed. Quote:

Andrew Little has initiated a review of bail, sentencing and parole laws, and better rehabilitation of prisoners.

Mr Little told?Newshub Nation?that the policy followed over the past 30 years could not continue.

On the current trajectory on prison populational growth, if we did nothing we would be building an extra prison every two to three years. That’s how bad it is.End quote.?

Excuse me? Locking up bad bastards is bad? Actually, that’s what voters want. Now you can see the folly of their decision to build a prison with a third of the cells needed.

Can you believe the cheek of these pricks? Not only do they want to empty the prison, but they also want to build smaller prisons, and then they moan that they will need to build more when those ones are filled up. Quote:

Currently 60 percent of prison inmates re-offend within two years of being released from jail.

Mr Little said he wanted to start a public conversation about ways to reduce re-offending.

“That 60 percent re-offending figure – that is a mark of failure of 30 years of criminal justice policy that says ‘we’ll lock more people up and we’ll lock them up for longer’.”

Mr Little said the government wanted to reduce re-offending and thereby reduce the number of victims of crime. End quote.

Actually, that’s what we want. We do want to lock them up longer, but sopping-wet liberal pantywaists like Andrew Little want to let them out, and judges don’t want to put them away. That was why ‘three strikes’ came about ? and the judiciary has systematically undermined that law at every possible turn.

Andrew Little has said he wants to reduce reoffending. Might I suggest locking people up for longer? They certainly don’t reoffend against the civilian population whilst in jail. Quote:

Ms Ardern said the government as a whole supported reform.

But she told?Newshub Nation?it also had to get public support for change.

“We need to bring people with us – that’s the whole point. If you end up being a one term government as a consequence of changes you have made, you probably haven’t brought people on that journey.

“The pitch that we’re making is when we have a static crime rate…but an ever increasing prison population, is that the kind of country we want to be?” End quote.

Yes, a country where bad bastards are in prison.

Little and Ardern are lying to us when they claim that prison is full of low-level criminals. It isn’t. You have to try really hard to get sent to prison?? really hard. Most people in prison have an average of over 40 criminal convictions. That isn’t low level. That is a hardened recidivist criminal class, and the best place for them is a prison.

If Andrew Little wants to stop recidivism then perhaps he should investigate bringing back the death penalty for real bad bastards, and extending three strikes to include crimes other than just crimes of violence.

I’m happy if Andrew Little wants to continue his soft-on-crime criminal justice reforms. It just makes it that much easier for the opposition to win back the treasury benches. I really hope they fight an election on letting criminals out of jail early.