Actually Simon, most Aucklanders don’t support road maggots

Simon Wilson, reprising his current role as the ex officio spokesman for Phil Goff’s office, has made astonishing claims based on an online survey regarding cycling: Quote:

Two-third of Aucklanders (65 per cent) believe cycle lanes are good for the city and welcome them in their own communities, according to the results of an annual survey commissioned by Auckland Transport (AT).

Support for cycling overall is at 57 per cent, with 34 per cent saying they are “very supportive”. Those not supportive of cycling are at 11 per cent, with 8 per cent “very unsupportive”.

Those figures suggest cycling supporters outnumber opponents by five to one. But they also show that most people in either camp feel strongly: they’re likely to be very supportive or very opposed.

The survey was conducted online among 1459 respondents during April. Responses were weighted to ensure a representative spread of age, gender and location.

AT has been conducting the survey for the past five years and several trends have become clear.

The biggest involves the general attitude towards cycling. In 2015, just 22 per cent said they felt “positive about the overall state of cycling in Auckland”. Nearly half (48 per cent) had a negative view.

In just four years those figures have completely reversed. Now, 47 per cent have a positive view and 22 per cent have a negative view. The percentages of those who are “neutral” or “don’t know” have remained at 16-18 per cent and 10-12 per cent respectively. End quote.

Of course they’ve reversed. It is an online poll and cycling groups email around the link to the survey and stack the results. There is no way that Aucklanders support road maggots at those levels. If they did where are they? They certainly aren’t using the cycle lanes as provided at the expense of the motorists who actually pay for the roads.

Simon Wilson has developed a habit of being a cheerleader for Phil Goff’s office and for the Labour party. Perhaps he should move in to Goff’s swanky office suite in order to get his talking points a lot quicker.

This is survey is a joke and is being manipulated by the cycling lobby.

If it was remotely true we’d have massive amounts of cyclists clogging up the cycleways, in actual fact we have almost no one cycling.

We know online surveys can be manipulated and Mike Hosking found that out yesterday.

What I want to know is who is the moron who dreamed up cycling as a replacement for vehicular travel. It is highly retrograde and stupid to boot.

It seems AT’s plan is as follows:

  • Create survey to get desired response
  • Present to biased audience
  • Feed findings to tame journalist who publishes the findings as fact
  • Sway public opinion

At least Ryan Holiday would be proud of this scheming.