All care, no responsibility

Caption: Like thousands of girls in Britain, young Tiahleigh Palmer was monstrously betrayed by the very system supposed to protect her

One of the most dumbfounding things about the horror that is Britain?s Muslim mass-rape campaign is the way that the very state apparatus which were specifically tasked with protecting children so often did the exact opposite. Social workers, politicians and police, who under European law are required to report any suspicions of child abuse, not only refused to do so but in many cases actively conspired to keep secret what they knew about the industrial-scale rape of children by gangs of Muslim men.

It seems almost inconceivable that such a thing could happen in Australia. Almost. Quote:

Blue cards that let Queenslanders work with children have been given to convicted child abusers, drug addicts and deadly drivers. End of quote.

In 2015, 12 year old Tiahleigh Palmer was murdered by the family who had been entrusted by the state with her care. The Thorburn family bluntly regarded young Tiahleigh as a ?sauce [sic] of income?. Then, when they discovered that their son, Trent, had been sexually molesting her, the entire family conspired to cold-bloodedly murder the child and dispose of her body.

Family patriarch Rick Thorburn had a 20-year-long rap sheet, and was actively wanted at the time of Tiahleigh?s murder. How were this family allowed to become foster carers to vulnerable young girls?

Because state bureaucrats allowed it. Quote:

Twenty-four people rejected for blue cards had been handed them after making appeals to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal [QCAT] over the past 12 months.

The blue card system is used in Queensland as a prevention and monitoring system for people working with young people and children. End of quote.

Civil and Administrative Tribunals are statutory organisations which review the decisions of government agencies and departments. They are supposed to be a mechanism for citizens to appeal what they consider to be unfair government decisions. Yet, in another arm of the Long March Through the Institutions, these tribunals are progressively stacked by left-leaning governments with activists and sympathisers, to ensure that, no matter what the colour of subsequent governments, the left keep getting their way.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal is the Commonwealth organisation which, among others, reviews recommendations from the Immigration Department and ASIO on visas and deportation. In just one year, the AAT overturned thousands of decisions, allowing ?eight killers, 66 other brutal thugs with shocking convictions for violence, 17 rapists, paedophiles and other sex offenders, 33 drug dealers and 23 armed robbers? to remain in Australia.

QCAT seems to have a similar mindset. Quote:

the tribunal overturned one-in-every-four bans in the past six years, with blue cards given to a former ice addict, a drug-and-drink driver who killed another motorist, and two mothers accused of assaulting their own children.

Anyone convicted and jailed for serious child sex offences, the murder of a child, or offences related to child exploitation material are banned from obtaining blue cards.

But other criminals including drug dealers, armed robbers and wife bashers can get one if their cases are deemed exceptional and authorities do not believe there’s a risk to children. End of quote.

In the ivory towers of QCAT, a naive belief in ?exceptional cases? seems too often to trump the protection of children.

Worse, these obscenely paid bureaucrats who often earn almost as much as the prime minister, are never held to account for the shocking results of their decisions. Indeed, they?re often feted by the left. As head of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs not only allowed a man who brutally murdered his partner to stay in Australia, but demanded that he be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for being lawfully detained.

At most, when a particularly shocking case like Tiahleigh?s emerges, some anonymous government spokesperson will offer a mealy-mouthed ?expression of regret?, or some nebulous ?inquiry? or ?reform? is promised. Case in point: Quote:

A spokeswoman for Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath said work to implement?reforms was well underway.

A blue card Services spokeswoman told the newspaper the QCAT appeals process was about providing “natural justice”. End of quote.

One might wonder about the ?justice? for shockingly negligent bureaucrats is. There seems to be no evidence of any meaningful measures to punish those whose decisions or inaction lead to unimaginable suffering for thousands of vulnerable children. Careers hardly seem to even suffer.

Dr Sonia Sharpe was heavily criticised by an independent inquiry over her role as director of children’s services at Rotherham council while the shocking abuse of young girls was being perpetrated by gangs of Pakistani Muslim men.

Yet she was still hired as deputy secretary of Victoria’s Early Childhood and School Education Group. The Victorian government initiated the controversial ?Safe Schools? program, which has been slammed as a Marxist, ?Queer Theory? indoctrination program. ?Safe Schools? has also been described as ?legalised grooming?.

These people just have no shame. And they keep getting away with it.