Whaleoil chats to Facebook ‘killer’

Have you ever wondered what motivates some people to make death threats or to incite murder on social media? Have you ever wondered how they justify it to themselves? Well, wonder no longer because I have a transcript for our readers of my Facebook conversation with one of the people who called for Lauren Southern to be killed on Radio Tarana’s Facebook page.

I started the conversation by sending the person two screenshots and by commenting on what they said.

**I have redacted identifying details because the purpose of this post is not to punish the person for their ‘error of judgement’ but to gain an insight into what makes people think that it is okay for them to call for someone to be killed.


Person: Whats wrong with my pic?

Whaleoil: She should be [redacted]? You are calling for her murder!

Person: Making religion statements is not right. I was angry

Whaleoil: We have freedom of speech in NZ we have no blasphemy laws. There is no Sharia law here we are free to criticise anything and anyone.

Person: But that’s not I meant. Really.

Whaleoil:? There is only one meaning for the word [ redacted]

Person: We are free in the Islands too. I also can say what I feel ..so y this

Whaleoil: It is not legal to incite murder that is against the law here in New Zealand. If you lived in New Zealand the police would be paying you a visit.

Person: But for Muslims its a big deal calling their god gay.

Whaleoil: Christians put up with the same but the difference is that they do not call for people to be killed. You were not the only Muslim on that Facebook page who wanted her killed.

Person: Yeah you are right but how do you know that am Muslim?

Whaleoil: Why would you be that angry if you weren’t?

Person: I am an Indian?[redacted] who beleifs in Christ ..was taught to respect all religion?and all human beings equal. If she had really made that statement then what kind of person that makes her?

Whaleoil: Then I am very sad that you think another person saying things you disagree with should be killed. That is not a Christian attitude.

Person:?[Line redacted] I know but those kind of statements create violence.

Whaleoil: She did it to prove a point. The same stunt has been done saying Jesus is Gay and that God is gay and nothing happened but when you do the same to Allah and Mohammed then death threats, bans and more happen.

Person: She has no right. We all have our opinion but that doesn’t mean you go hurting other peoples feeling. If I would have heard anyone say a word about Jesus Christ I would do the same. I?wouldn’t have forsaken him.

Whaleoil: She is not responsible for Muslim violence and she has EVERY right to have a different view to you. You have no right to not be offended. You have a right to your view and I have a right to mine. You do not get to silence me because you don’t like what I say.

Person: But not only Jesus but any other god or beleifs

Whaleoil: Violence does not come from God but the devil. My God is a peaceful God.

Person: No no don’t take me wrong am not offended by you. You have a right to?say whatever you feel

Whaleoil: Then so does Lauren

Person: But I still do feel that she is wrong. There are many examples to prove a point y this. I have been working for [redacted] for long n I only know one language that is humanity not making stupid statements to prove my point

Whaleoil: It is not humane to call for someone to be [redacted] [name redacted] It is morally wrong don’t you agree?

Person: If you beleif in one peaceful god then you should know that we shouldnt be saying ill to others culture colour etc. Yeah I agree that I may have chosen wrong word. [name redacted] I am sorry if I have offended you in any way but beleive me am not a violence type but I would still disagree with her.

Whaleoil: Please do not apologise for offending me. I believe that you have every right to offend me as that is why we have freedom of speech. We cannot have discussions unless we are able to risk offending others. I don’t care that you disagreed with Lauren Southern I care that you called for her to be [redacted]. Thank you for the respectful discussion.

Person:?No I have no right to offend others or any intention to hurt you..n believe me I don’t even know Lauren but if there was some else with the same statement I would have reacted same.

Jordan Peterson is very good at respectfully engaging with people who have a different opinion to him. He is effective at what he does because he listens carefully and learns what is behind the other argument. At the heart of this conversation, I believe, is a fundamental disagreement not about religion but about what freedom of speech really means. What do you think?