An Unholy Holey Border

A guest post.

There is great outrage across America at President Trump?s insistence on demanding the law over illegal immigrants be fully applied.? The separation of children from parents, even temporarily, at the Mexican border, is giving anti-Trump voters fuel for their endless rhetoric against the President.? It is leading to numerous protests and ?wall to wall? venom from the announcers in the MSM, especially CNN.

At first blush it seems a heavy handed approach.? However a little investigation shows that lies, hatred and political bias have got in the road of a uncritical look at the problem.? Here are a few facts:? ?

  1. The problem is caused by people acting illegally trying to enter the USA without proper documentation ? parents and children are breaking the law and when one breaks the law one can expect to be treated as a criminal with limited rights and limited comfort.
  2. In the last 5 months there has been a 200% increase in proven cases of persons using the holes in the system at the border to move underage children into the USA for child prostitution. President Trump has put a stop to that.
  3. The only cases of separation of children from parents/guardians are where there is no proof of a relationship ? no documentation or where there is suspected criminality involved. In other words all the yelling and screaming is in support of law breakers and people too silly to carry proper identification.
  4. The law that permits separation was passed by Congress and supported by the Democrats. It has operated for many years but not always been applied as passed.? More hypocrisy by lefties.
  5. President Trump has offered to change the law by various suggestions and there are amendments ready to go but the Democrats want to milk the issue for a longer time.
  6. President Trump was elected on the basis of closing the gaps on the border and won huge support for that policy even among Hispanics. He now needs funding to complete his plans but Democrats are resisting the move despite knowing their candidate lost the election for opposing Trump?s policies.? The left have a low regard for democratic process when it doesn?t suit.
  7. There is not and never has been a permanent separation of children. Once processing is completed families are put back together either to enter as asylum seekers or sent back home.

This explanation helps to give an understanding of the Presidents position.

Which isn’t that much different from the position of one Barack Hussein Obama: