Andrew Little swimming against political tide on ‘three strikes’

Andrew Little had better make a good case to cabinet as to why Labour and more importantly NZ First should swim against the political tide with three strikes.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has commissioned a poll and the results suggest that Andrew Little is dead wrong in assuming the public support him: Quote:

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has today released the results of a poll commissioned to gauge public support for the Three Strikes law.

Sensible Sentencing Trust Founder, Garth McVicar, today said: ?Public safety has always been important to the New Zealand public, and this poll confirms support for Three Strikes is strong at 68% overall support.?

The poll also provides a breakdown of support by Party Voter.? ?As we expected, support is strongest amongst National and New Zealand First voters.? What we did not expect was the strong level of support amongst Labour voters, which at 63% is also very strong.? ?
?Justice Minister Andrew Little?s wholly ideological desire to repeal Three Strikes runs counter to not only the views of the general public, but a substantial proportion of his own party?s voters.? He risks blood on his hands when the inevitable re-offending by Second and Third-striker career criminals are back on the streets.

?The poll showed respondents had even greater support for Three Strikes when key data about the risk profile and criminal convictions records of the Second and Third-Strike offenders was explained.

?Data complied by the Sensible Sentencing Trust indicates Second and Third Strikers make up only 1.35% of the prison population ? about 140 of the most serious violent or sexual offenders.? These are some of the most prison-worthy offenders.? If Andrew Little wants to free up prison space, it won?t be achieved by repealing Three Strikes and letting out some of the highest risk offenders in New Zealand.? concluded McVicar.

The poll was conducted by Curia Market Research in late February and early March 2018 and was based on the responses of 965 respondents.? The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.2%.

The full poll results are available here.??End quote.

National voters support three strikes (78% in favour), as do NZ First (66%) and Labour (63%) voters. Andrew Little is going against his own voters if he pushes this through. Even amongst Green voters the 48% who support three strikes outnumber those who disapprove.

Andrew Little is going to find this very difficult and rather embarrassing if he can’t muster the numbers to push it through.

Perhaps he should have talked to Winston Peters before gobbing off about how he was going to get rid of the law.

Labour continues to be the catch and release, soft on crime party.