Arrogant, vacant, complacent and now sexist

Kelvin Davis has gotten himself into a spot of bother with his leader, with Jacinda Ardern giving her frowny face and a telling off to him for his sexist remarks at a select committee: Quote:

The Prime Minister has had words with her deputy over him calling a National MP “hysterical” and has told Kelvin Davis he shouldn’t have said it.

In a statement from Jacinda Ardern’s office, a spokeswoman said, “Minister Davis has apologised to Jacqui Dean and to the Prime Minister herself.

“The Prime Minister says he should not have made that comment and he understands that.”

National MP Jacqui Dean has accepted?Davis’ apology for calling her “hysterical”,?but says the comment was clearly “sexist”. End quote.

Whilst he may have apologised it is obvious that this issue highlights a wider issue of developing arrogance inside the government and inside Labour in particular.

Davis is Labour’s deputy leader, if their leadership is having problems what does that say about the rest of them??Quote:

The situation arose after?Davis fronted select committee on Thursday?to answer MPs’ questions about?his portfolio in the wake of the Budget.

During one of many?fiery exchanges, Davis called Dean “hysterical” for asking whether tourism jobs would be impacted as a result of increasing costs for small businesses.

When she responded that the comment was “offensive” Davis said, “you’ll be right”.

Hysteria originates from the Greek word for uterus and was an illness traditionally associated with the mental condition of a woman.

On Friday, Davis?issued a statement apologising for the remark and for “any offence caused”.

“I’ve tried to contact Jacqui Dean today to apologise to her directly,” he said.

“Estimates hearings are about holding ministers to account for spending decisions. While I was prepared for a robust line of questioning, I became frustrated with the particular approach being taken – ?but that was no excuse for making an offensive remark.

“We are doing great things in the Tourism portfolio, we’ve got innovative solutions to issues and challenges in the sector. That should have been the focus.

“I’m the minister, I should have remained calm and on this occasion I let myself down, so once again I apologise for my poor choice of words,” he said.

Dean said she accepted the apology and was sure he “regretted saying it”.

However, she said her line of questioning at the time wasn’t “untoward”, which is why she was “taken aback” by his comment.

Asked if it was sexist, she said “of course it was”.?End quote.

Kelvin Davis will now likely go back into witless protection. Every time he comes out it seems it is to swap one foot in his mouth for the other. Between him, Phil Twyford and Willie Jackson, they are showing an astonishing amount of hubris for minister so clearly out of their depth.

The government is lurching from one idiot comment to the next from their ministers.