Beards of Whaleoil


Abraham Lincoln


When asked for his thoughts on the number of expectant applicants for jobs in his new administration, he was reported as saying:

?There are too many pigs for the teats.?


If you wish to contribute to Beards of Whaleoil then please do.

Any form of facial hair is considered and you can be as expressive as you wish.

We accept and applaud all forms of Beard; Mustache; Goatee, or any Bum Fluff at all for that matter, throughout the ages and to the present day.

Please send photos to sb at put ‘beard’ in the subject line.

Please include a few sentences with your submission.

Below are two examples of the kind of submission we are looking for:

I didn’t plan to grow my beard. I went on holiday and came back with it. My hairdresser?said that it gave me a homeless look so I got her to shape it for me and I haven’t looked back. My sister jokes that I look like a hipster but I love it.

This historical beard is actually a crazy moustache that was grown by Spanish artist Salvador Dal?.

Born in 1904, he was best known for his surrealist works, containing bizarre images of bizarre situations and eye trickery.