Blessed are the poor


Newshub?reports: Quote:

Low-income households are set to bear the brunt of the transition to a low emissions economy, according to a discussion document released today.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw today released the ‘Our Climate Your Say’ document, inviting New Zealanders to help decide new climate change law and how we can transition smoothly.

The document lays out three possible pathways to a lower-emissions economy, including net zero carbon by 2050, net zero long-lived gases and stabilised short-lived gases by 2050 (reducing emissions of long-lived gases like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide while stabilising gases like methane) and net zero emissions by 2050, which covers all gases.

Mr Shaw says the Zero Carbon Bill is designed to create certainty, with a clear emissions target and pathway to get there, which he hopes will drive investment in new industries and create new jobs.

But the transition will not affect all Kiwis equally. End quote.

It is universally known that most Green voters are the well-heeled housewives of Wellington Central and some of the leafy Auckland suburbs, but apart from that, I shake my head in disbelief at the fact that so many poorer people insist on voting for Labour and/or The Greens, thinking that these parties in government will actually do something to help the less well off. It almost never happens, unless it is to enmesh them even deeper into the welfare trap. It is, to slightly misquote Marama Fox, like watching a beaten wife going back to her abuser, over and over again. Quote:

The document reveals that the transition will be felt more strongly by lower-income households because a higher proportion of their spending is on products and services that are likely to increase as we reduce emissions.

That’s because businesses could pass on the transition costs to consumers, such as the price of petrol that will increase as the carbon price increases. End quote.

Could? Of course businesses will pass on costs. Businesses that don’t pass on costs are likely to go under. Are Newshub journalists so far removed from the real world that they don’t understand this? Quote:

“Households that are in the lowest 20 percent bracket for income may be more than twice as affected, on a relative basis, than those households with an average income. End quote.

Well, of course they will. Low income households spend everything they have on necessities. Look at this example, based on an actual client. He works about 70 hours a week, running 2 jobs. Both jobs pay slightly above minimum wage. So now his travel costs have recently gone up over 10%, with fuel hikes. But the regional fuel taxes have not kicked in yet, so his travel costs are likely to increase another 10% or so. And then all other costs increase because of the fuel hikes. All he does is to house, feed and clothe his family. His lifestyle is average. These are the people who will be most affected by these policies. Hard working Kiwis, just trying to live a decent life. Quote:

“The Government has a number of tools it could choose to use to compensate affected households for higher costs, such as tax or welfare measures,” it says.

Mr Shaw says this could be avoided by Government being proactive. End quote.

In other words, the government doesn’t give a damn. I remember Russel Norman talking about all those ‘clean green jobs’ that would replace mining on the West Coast. That was in about 2011, and the locals are still waiting with baited breath for these ‘clean green jobs’ to arrive. He had no idea at the time whether these jobs would happen or not. It was just something to say to the journalists who were accusing him of being irresponsible with people’s livelihoods. He was being irresponsible, and he didn’t give a rat’s ass for the people who would suffer as a result. James Shaw doesn’t either. Just so long as we are carbon neutral, saving nothing and achieving nothing in the process.

Now that Shaw’s intentions are becoming clear, we can now start to get an understanding of what we are in for. First, he wants everyone to drive EVs. Forgive me for pointing this out, James, but poor people can’t afford an EV. A lot of middle-class people can’t either. So, the less well off are going to be penalised for being… less well off. How does that sit with those people who are not so well-heeled who voted for this government?

Then, Shaw admits that we do not yet have the infrastructure to provide all the extra electricity needed for all these plug-in cars. So, we are going to have to fund that. How will that be funded? By yet another fuel hike?

Some critics have looked at the numbers, and are suggesting that James Shaw and his crazy measures to combat CO2 from cars could lead to New Zealanders paying an extra 55c tax per litre of petrol. I wouldn’t be surprised by this. We have insane zealots in our government and we are going to be paying the price for it. We are paying the price for it now.

But spare a thought for the less well-off, who voted for this idiocy, thinking it would make their lives better. It won’t. It will make life much harder. But, just like the abused wife, going back again and again, I guarantee they won’t vote National next time around. Because National only looks after its rich mates, eh?