Bob Jones: Is Todd Scott a liar?

The Dom’s collapsing circulation has seen the removal, on cost-cutting grounds, of subs and with it any semblance of quality control. This has its funny side.

Take an extraordinary published letter from reader Selwyn Boorman of Waikanae, which in normal times would never have seen the light of day.

Boorman opened with a rant about foreign investors renting to Kiwis, which without explanation he asserted was immoral. Then came this wonderful pearl.

?So here?s an innovative idea? Selwyn wrote, and he went on to propose the government borrow money and buy and build houses to rent to Kiwis. I?m not making this up.

Selwyn, where have you been these last near-eight decades in which the government has been doing precisely that? It?s called state housing, sunshine.

Is Todd Scott a liar?

Todd Scott?s latest rant reveals him as a liar. He writes, ?Bob used to plead with me to publish him in print.?

I did no such thing; rather, I said I?d not participate in NBR?s radio interviews. He should remember the number of letters he wrote saying how grateful he was for me helping him out and how much he loved my columns.

I admire people who have a go and Todd epitomises this, he beginning life as a butcher. Furthermore, I?m saddened by the decline in the print media and the inevitable end of NBR as a newspaper. What is not admirable is the disgraceful way he?s treated his now-dwindling staff, for which financial pressure is no excuse.

Todd may wonder how I know so much about what?s happening. It?s called leaks, Todd, coming from inhouse?? a reflection of your employees’ contempt. Try being nice to them. Your difficulties reflect the modern order, which has wiped out so many hitherto successful businesses. Hopefully, you can crack it on-line and having your staff onside will be essential for that.

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