Buying the right to spoil the environment?

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According to a newspaper, a very confusing ownership structure is in place for the applicant behind a proposal to install 24 Eco Prayer Wheels near Paeroa:? “Kaimai Wind Farm owns Ventus Energy (NZ), wholly-owned by Glenn Starr”.? Ventus Energy seems to have two owners who wholly own it. Whatever!

From the Kaimai Wind website: Quote.

Positive outcomes envisaged for the community:

  • Increased security of electricity supply for the Waikato and BOP regions
  • Materials supply ? notably concrete and aggregate
  • Construction and maintenance jobs
  • Increased rating base
  • Clean energy for up to 49,000 houses
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in the Waikato Region
  • Contribution to NZ climate change obligations. End of quote.

Their website also has this statement: Quote.

The proposed site is strategically placed to improve security of supply to the major demand centres of Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland. Wind Energy is well suited to complement the hydro resource of the Waikato Region as it is possible to store energy (as water) behind dam walls. When the wind is light water can be released to fill the demand. End of quote.

Wind power is one of the most insecure supply sources of electricity on the planet!

Tauranga has approximately 50,000 homes and yet they claim this plant is going to provide security of supply to?Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland?when their optimistic projections are for 49,000 homes?? Three into one does not go!

Their website proudly proclaims that 100MW of installed bird and bat chopper capacity which with an optimistic load factor of 40% when the wind is blowing at just the right speeds, not too fast and not too slow, will possibly produce 40MW of electricity.

At least they are honest enough to admit that hydro backup is required for their rotating monuments to a failed civilisation; “When the wind is light water can be released [from the dams] to fill the demand.” (Provided it has not been a drought year!)

And the CO2 inputs that go into the manufacture of these Gaia prayer wheels is never mentioned in their material.? Instead, they say “reduction of CO2 emissions in the Waikato Region“.? Yup, shift the CO2 emissions offshore to where the cement and steel is made.? That’ll solve the global warming, for sure!



“The company proposes a range of measures to address residual adverse environmental effects.”

These bird chompers are planned to be hard up against the boundary of the Kaimai Forest Park which is the natural home of native birds such as whitehead, whio/blue duck, kaka, kokako, kiwi and karearea/New Zealand falcon, as well as the more common native birds such as tui and bellbirds.? Since a number of these will be sacrificed on the altar of carbon emissions, Kaimai Wind is buying off the bird lovers with “a contribution to conservation management at the Miranda Shore Bird Centre”.

The bat blenders will also kill the?long- and short-tailed bats that are present in the Kaimai Forest Park so Kaimai Wind is buying off the local conservationists with “funds to support local restoration and rehabilitation of local ecology projects, particularly those for native bats.”? ?Wouldn’t it be simpler to not kill them in the first place?

Because these edifices are pig-ugly blots on the landscape, Kaimai Wind is buying off the locals with “vegetation and visual buffering to help screen the turbines from some closer houses.”



Lastly, there has to be a koha for the iwi, so Kaimai Wind is buying off the Maori with “initiatives to assist tangata whenua and tourism.”

Who will they buy off to compensate for the noise annoying the trampers and hunters who have gone into the forest park for a bit of peace and quiet, to “get away from it all”?

How do I get my bribe for the visual blot on the landscape when I pass by?

If they really cared about their environment, every single one of the groups holding their hands out for cash should be opposing these things. But no, they will take their thirty pieces of silver; short term gain for long-term pain.