California dreamin’

There was a time when everyone wanted to live in California. Beautiful, liberal, laid back and the birthplace of so many global companies, it was a fabulous place. Then the liberal (or should I say Democrat) local governments started to make their presence felt and slowly it has become a place of over-regulation and petty local laws. Now it seems, you cannot even take a shower when you want to. This from?Zerohedge?Quote:

Governor Jerry Brown is retiring but?not before he passes a few draconian laws as parting gifts for California.?Two bills were signed into law on Thursday of last week to??help California be better prepared for future droughts and the effects of climate change.?

The mandatory water conservation standards will be permanent, according to their wording, and not just for use in times of crisis.?To make a long story short, now that these bills are law, it?s illegal to take a shower and do a load of laundry in the same day because you?ll exceed your ?ration.? End quote.

The trouble with this rule is that it will mean that you will NEVER be able to do laundry and take a shower on the same day. Quote:

The bill, until January 1, 2025, would establish 55 gallons per capita daily?as the standard for indoor residential water use, beginning January 1, 2025, would establish the greater of?52.5 gallons per capita?daily or a standard recommended by the department and the board as the standard for indoor residential water use, and beginning January 1, 2030, would establish the greater of?50 gallons per capita daily?or a standard recommended by the department and the board as the standard for indoor residential water use. The bill would impose civil liability for a violation of an order or regulation issued pursuant to these provisions, as specified.

If you?re wondering how the government would know how much water your family is using, the utility providers will be obligated to rat you out or face massive fines. And they?re encouraged to spy in all sorts of creative ways. They ?shall use satellite imagery, site visits, or other best available technology to develop an accurate estimate of landscaped areas.? End quote.

Nice. Not being allowed to use the sprinkler on the lawn in summer is one thing. This is quite another. Quote:

Now, if you?re wondering where I get my assertion that you can?t shower and do laundry on the same day, here?s some math:

  • An 8-minute shower uses about 17 gallons of water
  • A?load of laundry uses about 40 gallons of water
  • A?bathtub holds 80 to 100 gallons of water
  • A dishwasher uses 6 gallons of water End quote.

I guess no one is going to be taking a bath in California any more.? Quote:

If you don?t plan to comply it?s going to be way cheaper to move. Here are the fines Californians will be looking at ? and it?s not a typo ? these fines are PER DAY.

(1)?If the violation occurs in a critically dry year immediately preceded by two or more consecutive below normal, dry, or critically dry years or during a period for which the Governor has issued a proclamation of a state of emergency under the California Emergency Services Act (Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 8550) of Division 1 of Title 2 of the Government Code) based on drought conditions,?ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for each day?in which the violation occurs.

(2)?For all violations other than those described in paragraph (1),?one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each day?in which the violation occurs. End quote.

America. Land of the free. Interesting. Quote:

Don?t think this only affects California

Not only are Californians?fleeing the state?in droves, but there are other ways these restrictive laws can affect the rest of us directly.

  • These stringent measures set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country.
  • There could be a shortage of food coming out of California because there isn?t enough water to produce it.
  • The food we do get from there will cost a lot more.

It?s important to pay attention to stuff like this and not shrug it off because ?I don?t live in California.??In an economy such as ours, we?re all interlinked. A draconian law that gains a footing in one part of the country is much easier to pass in other parts. End quote.

Of course, these regulations only apply to the use of municipal water, the answer for a lot of Californians will?be to install water tanks and gather rainwater or truck in water at will, but not everyone will be able to do that, and this is unlikely to stop the damage and destruction of their food based industries. 10% of California’s water goes to growing almonds, but Californian almonds account for over 80% of the world’s supply. Just think what this will do to that industry. Either Californian almonds will become very expensive, or the trees will die. Either way, a $5.3 billion industry is in trouble.

Then there are Californian oranges. Californian wines. olives, figs, pistachios, artichokes. California’s farming receipts are the highest in the US and over $20 billion more than any other state. It would be an administration full of madness that would want to damage an economy like this.

Yes, California does have some serious water problems, but most droughts only last a season or two. The local horticulture and viticulture will presumably survive after a year or two of terrible harvests, but hey – that’s farming. However, the state water restrictions are being imposed regardless of rainfall in the future. The state government can impose these water restrictions when, and for as long as they like, reducing the amount that can be used per capita because it suits them. The rules are in place to do that now.

Isn’t it wonderful to be ruled by lefties? So glad it hasn’t happened here. Oh, wait…