Carbon tax gone in Ontario

While our government seek to impoverish our economy it seems that other leaders are finally realising what a fraud climate change is and are abandoning carbon taxes.

Donald Trump pulled out of Paris and now Doug Ford in Ontario has signalled the end of carbon taxes there: ?Quote:

Ontario Premier-Elect Doug Ford repeated his promise Friday to end carbon pricing in the province.

Ford said he will end the cap-and-trade system promoted by the previous provincial Liberal government while fighting the federal government?s carbon tax, the?Financial Post?reported.

?Today, I want to confirm that in Ontario the carbon tax?s days are numbered,? Ford told reporters in Toronto. ?In fact, upon the swearing in of my new cabinet, at the top of our agenda the very first item will be to pass an order to cancel the Liberal cap-and-trade carbon tax.??End quote.

Whereas our government’s first actions were to shower rich kids at university with cash and destroy the oil and gas industry in Taranaki.?Quote:

The cap-and-trade scheme claims to lower greenhouse gasses by capping emissions on targeted industries; emissions in excess of the cap means a company is penalized and has to seek points from companies with lower emissions. Ontario participates in a cap-and-trade partnership with neighboring Quebec and the equally debt-ridden state of California.

Ford promised throughout the recent provincial election campaign to fight carbon pricing in all its forms because he says it inhibits business, hurts families and doesn?t do anything for the environment.

Ford won a decisive majority in this month?s election on a platform that was clearly opposed to the economic and environmental policies of the former government under Kathleen Wynne, who emphasized green energy as alternatives to fossil fuels.

Ford will not only reverse provincial policy but take on the Trudeau government?s environmental policies: ?I will [be] directing my attorney general to use all available resources, to use every power at the government?s disposal, we will officially challenge the federal government carbon tax on Ontario families,? he said. ?Because the cap-and-trade and carbon tax does nothing for the environment.??End quote.

How refreshing, and perhaps someone in Simon Bridges’ kitchen cabinet might like to show him how you win a resounding electoral victory by opposing carbon taxes rather than simpering and sucking up to wombles. ?Quote:

Ford?s resolve has not pleased federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna who believes taxpayers support carbon taxes.

?Climate change is real and its impacts do not stop with a change in government. Canadians expect us to take serious action to protect our environment and grow our economy,? read a statement from McKenna issued on Friday evening.

?Ontario?s premier-elect gave notice today that he is not interested in fighting climate change and is effectively withdrawing from Canada?s national climate change plan.? End quote.

This stupid bint seems to have failed to realise she lost the election. Their diatribes and green mantras are dead in Ontario. If only they were dead here.