Celebrate our 13 year anniversary by taking this Whaleoil quiz

Thirteen years ago today Cameron Slater published his first Whaleoil blog post. Fast forward thirteen years into the future and Whaleoil has transformed into the most popular and most read blog in New Zealand.

Whaleoil has over thirty contributors and nine regular writers. The commenting section (we modestly acknowledge) is the best in the media world thanks to the amazing moderation team and the?ten commandments.

Whaleoil has a help desk for commenters and a customer care manager for subscribers. It has a?proofreading team (who do an amazing job). Whaleoil has INCITE Politics magazine articles five days a week for Silver and above customers. It has podcasts, audio blogs and so much more and continues to evolve.

Thirteen years is a long time.

Take the BUMPER thirty question quiz and find out just how well you?know both?the blog and the?Whaleoil community.