Cindy gets snaky as Bridges calls out the 122 reviews the government has initiaited

Jacinda Ardern has gone all snaky attacking Simon Bridges over his claims about the 122 working groups, reviews, inquiries and investigations currently underway with this inept government.

She’s told an outright lie, declaring that there are only 36 working groups, reviews, inquiries and investigations: Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has hit back at criticism by National leader Simon Bridges over the number of reviews her Government has initiated since taking office in October.

She rejects his claim that it has announced 122 reviews and says the number is 38 reviews or working groups that involve external agencies and work beyond the normal business of Government.

By settling on a lower number, she also rejects his estimate that the cost is $114 million and says it is $34.5 million.?End quote.

Well that is easily disproved, and classifies as a lie, something Jacinda Ardern said she would never do. Clearly that was her first lie. The NZ Herald conveniently lists the 122?working groups, reviews, inquiries and investigations.Quote:

Ardern defended the use of reviews and working groups by saying it was a way to involved experts and ordinary New Zealanders in solving some big challenges and potentially save taxpayers millions of dollars in the long run.

National had made false claims about the extent of the work and inaccurately labelled regular Government business as review and working groups.

“Where we are doing review work, it’s because the public have called for it or there are genuine issues that need to be fixed – be it bowel screening, mental health or insurance claimed in Canterbury,” she said.

The review into the meth contamination of state houses by Sir Peter Gluckman was a is a prime example.

“We could have ignored the problem, or brought in the experts to stop more families being evicted, and avoiding unnecessary clean-up costs for landlords. ”

The $100 million National wasted on decontaminating houses could have built 300 more state homes – instead perfectly good ones sat empty.

“Now we are reopening those homes,” she sdaid.

“I’ve always said we are going to do Government differently, and one of the main ways we’re different is that we listen to experts and make sure everyday people have a say about the public services they rely on.“?End quote.

But not the people of Taranakl though, they don’t get a say, they just get ordered to close down their most useful industry, and biggest employers all for a publicity and virtue-signalling prime minister. No consultation, no everyday people having a say. Obviously Taranaki’s industry isn’t at all a “big challenge”, and the closure of Methanex is neither here nor there. I can’t wait for question time, poor Winston is going to have to answer these questions when they are raised, and he is asked if he stands by all the governments statements and actions.?Quote:

Ardern was responding to a press statement by Bridges today in which he targeted a review of the healthy system by Heather Simpson, a part-time adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office and the former chief of staff of Helen Clark when she was Prime Minister.

“While staffers in the Prime Minister’s Office get plum roles reviewing the health system, designated mental health and Maori development funding have been cut by $100 million, ” Bridges said.

“The Government needs to shelve its reviews and get its priorities straight ? the $114 million could hire 2,100 extra teachers or pay for an extra 20,000 elective surgeries. Instead, the Government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars for others to do the work for it.”

The Government’s “underwhelming Budget” also showed that Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens could not figure out their priorities, were not ready to govern and were out of their depth.

“Whether it’s the broken promise on cheaper GP visits for all New Zealanders, the broken promise on affordable KiwiBuild housing, or the broken promise on school donations, the message is clear: New Zealanders cannot rely on Labour to deliver.” End quote.

Bridges came good yesterday. He attacked Ardern over this, and also the cash for access hypocrisy. The question will be whether or not he can maintain the headlines, or is this just a one hit wonder.

Labour are clearly struggling though, they had no plans or policy to implement upon gaining office. They never expected to govern and it shows. Their talent pool has proved to be as shallow as a bird bath.

One thing is certain…the “relentless positivity” has disappeared.