Cry baby of the week

Journalists are failing to ask the important questions about the smear campaign and pile on against NZ?s top cycling coach and the only guy to achieve his KPIs at Rio, Anthony Peden.

They are being fed lines by Peden?s angry ex-wife and her mates, with Steph McKenzie saying she was kicked out of the cycling program for being too fat, not for her results.

This has seriously annoyed a number of the staff at Cycling NZ and some of the athletes who are talking to the tip line saying that Steph McKenzie had the talent of Sarah Ulmer but refused to do the work required to match Ulmer?s results.

Sarah Ulmer

Steph McKenzie

One of people talking to the tipline sent in some of the results before she got the arse from being a taxpayer funded cyclist.

World Cup Guadalajara Mexico November 2014

Sprint: Qualified 19th, lost first round
Kierin: did not qualify from the 1st round

World Championships Saint-Quentin Paris France 2015

Sprint: Qualified 20th, lost first round
500m TT: 14th

Here is what McKenzie said: Quote:

McKenzie was dumped from the squad because she was deemed overweight by Peden, but has revealed to Newshub that the issues run deeper than just conflict with her ex-coach.

Two years after leaving the sport she loved, McKenzie said the fallout from the last week, since Peden’s departure, has brought back ugly memories.

McKenzie told Newshub the environment was one of bullying and negativity.

The 24-year-old had eyes on medalling at the Rio Olympics, after her introduction to top-level competition at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

McKenzie claims Peden constantly criticised her about her weight, regardless of her performance, and says a fat-shaming campaign against her from within the team was instigated by her coach. End quote.

Fat shaming or telling her the truth? Journalists like Ollie Richie should ask her:

  • Did she hit her performance goals set by Cycling NZ?
  • If so what were they and will she agree to have them released by CNZ so we can compare her targets with her results?
  • How many dieticians did CNZ send her to?
  • Why should taxpayers be funding someone who refuses to get her body into the shape that would allow her to be in the top six in the world when others were willing to make the sacrifices?
  • How did she expect to win medals at Rio when she was losing in the first round and finishing 20th?
  • Did she piss off her team mates by eating Ben & Jerrys in front of them knowing they were too professional to do so even if they wanted to?

According to the tip line there is a lot more to this than the media are saying. If Steph McKenzie wants to back up her claims she was thrown out for being too fat rather than not performing she should prove it by releasing all her performance goals and the results she got.

All this pile on against Peden seems to be a bunch of cry-babies who don’t like being told the truth by their performance coach about why they aren’t performing.