Cry baby of the week

This has got to be the one of the all time cry baby of the week awards.

Jimmy McCrillis, or as I like to call him Mr Scratch, thinks he should be seen first before others at the emergency department because he had a little bit of blood from some tiny widdle cuts: Quote:

A bleeding man had to wait nearly four hours to be seen at a public emergency ward in West Auckland.

Jimmy McCrillis? said patients?who did not appear to be seriously hurt packed Wait?kere Hospital on the afternoon of Sunday, May 27, when he turned up after a nasty fall while running.

Of those in the waiting room, one man had back pain and three children looked sick -?one maybe with a broken leg, he said.

But most of them “appeared to be quite healthy”.

“None of them were openly bleeding or obviously ill or in pain like I was.”?End quote.?

Oh take a paracetamol snowflake, oh please. Quote:

McCrillis?said he didn’t complain about the wait at the time as he didn’t want to be seen as trying to queue jump.

“My issue is that there seemed to be quite a number of?patients?that were simply looking for free treatment.”

But as he sat in the accident and emergency (A&E) waiting room,?dried blood on his leg and bandages made it obvious?he had been bleeding quite heavily, he said.

“I did disgust a few people as I let the blood from my hand drip onto my shorts every few minutes.”

A nurse saw him about 3 hours and 45 minutes later, and he got three sutures in his hand and six in his leg. End quote.

What a pansy. He has two tiny widdle cuts, and bled a little bit and he is outraged. Three stitches in the hand and six on his leg hardly warrants his weapons-grade whining.? Here’s a photo of his “wound” on his leg:

Has he not heard of triage?

He was appropriately triaged and sicker people were seen before him. That’s how it works.

There was no need for him to be at the hospital, he should have gone to the White Cross.

It would have been free (ACC) and he would have been seen a lot quicker.

The spastic doesn’t get that they are not seen in order of arrival, they are seen in order of acuity. The triage nurse was less impressed with a little bit of blood than he was. A kid with broken leg trumps a pansy with hurty hand.

And he’s accusing the triage nurse of doing a shit job. The White Cross is about 300m down the road from that hospital, next time he slips and gets a hurty hand perhaps he should go there.