Cultural Ion thrusters: Part two

The below guest post is an?abridged?version of the original which can be viewed at?Red Pill Jew.



I am Jewish and I am white, I could easily attend a? ‘White Power’ meeting without even a scintilla of fear based on my appearance.? I am married to a non-white woman.??To me, a person’s race is immaterial; culture (Western Civilization) is.??She?s beautiful (I married up), intelligent, educated, cultured and feisty. She?s not Jewish, but our children are with her explicit consent and cooperation (She often says with a little annoyance that our older child looks like my clone; barely a hint of my wife?s racial background is evident in the kid?s face/complexion. She sometimes jokes that I must have cheated on her.

I firmly believe in Martin Luther King Jr.?s admirable wish:?I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character. I try to live that, every day.??I look at notable black men like?Professor Walter E. Williams, whose autographed picture is framed and on my wall, and his colleague?Dr Thomas Sowell?(still trying to get his autograph) and can only dream of being a tenth as knowledgeable and educated as they are.? And yes, were my children to marry someone with the character, education, and culture of those two examples, I’d have no issue with it.

There is nothing wrong with being Black, or Hispanic, or Asian. On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with being White. In any case, any race, there is nothing wrong with preferring your own to others. There is now a movement to say that if you have racial preferences in dating then you must be a racist. Am I a ‘heightist’ if I prefer a woman who is shorter than I am, all other things being equal?? I know I’m a ‘lookist’ because I like the fact my wife is beautiful.??There is also nothing wrong with believing that Western Civilization is the greatest civilization to have ever existed.

Yet there are people (and I?m ashamed to admit?too many Jews) who seek to destroy the White race even if it means?they themselves have no children, and some who seek to destroy Western Civilization outright, like Barbara Spectre.??It is liberalism, not Judaism, that drives this as far too many American Jews have conflated the two. Quote:

The liberalizing fallacy has been that each generation could make concessions to modernism by discarding some things that “no modern person takes seriously anyway” while assuming that the next generation would want to keep the things that they kept, instead of throwing away more things to adapt to a modernity that was continually becoming more hostile to traditional religious values.
Eventually throwing things away became Liberal Judaism. And that Judaism became the nothingness it sought to be.

The liberal impulse made that Judaism into liberalism, its synagogues into community activist groups and its theology into social justice. Its Rabbis excelled at the language of moral seriousness, but like all Western liberal clergy they had nothing to be morally serious about. End of quote.

All those, Jew and Gentile alike, who seek to eliminate Western Civilization and its White founders have?stability privilege. They will not like the reality that emerges should they succeed. I count them as civilizational traitors.

Frontpagemag?s founder, David Horowitz, once said that Leftists are missionaries.?They?truly believe they can create heaven on earth.??To that end, they seek to change human nature ??believing themselves to be better people.

My ultimate point is that the missionary zeal of the Left drives them to see those who oppose their fantasy of heaven on earth as evil and that they believe that humanity can be perfected with enough nudging over time.??E.g.,?Cass Sunstein Wants to Modify Our Behavior: Quote:

As Sunstein would have it, the more-enlightened members of the intellectual class, with whom Obama has stocked his administration, know what is best for ordinary citizens. Since they know what is best for our health and happiness, we are obliged to submit to their far-fetched schemes for our betterment ? schemes that often involve wealth redistribution and the enlargement of governmental powers. End of quote.

Unlike NASA?s plans to divert an asteroid from impact with a small but relentless force, the Left seeks to impose slavery under their Philosopher-King rule.

  • ? ? ? ? ?The Left has a dream:?Utopia; a perfected human society.
  • ? ? ? ? The Left has a goal:?Worldwide socialism.
  • ? ? ? ? The Left has a plan:?Critical Theory, Political Correctness
  • ? ? ? ? ?The Left has action:?The Long March and ion thrusters on all of the information flowing into society.

The Left?s been at this for over a century.??They?re missionaries for their cause; we need to be missionaries for our side as well? and understand that this will not be a short fight.