David Leyonhjelm is sick of your crap, Sarah. We all are

Caption: David Leyonhjelm has said what most of Australians have always wanted to, but never had the chance (Digital Image: Lushington Brady)

Sarah Hansen-Young is a South Australian Greens politician. Normally that alone would stand by itself as a pretty good punch-line. But ?Sarah Sea-Patrol? has turned making a goose of herself into one of Australian politics? best comedy acts.

Hansen-Young earned the ‘Sea Patrol’ sobriquet when she appeared to believe the Australian TV drama of that name was actually a documentary similar to Border Force. In a train-wreck 2016 interview, she repeatedly contradicted her own party?s policy on superannuation, even as she admitted that a staffer was texting her answers. In 2017 she billed taxpayers thousands to take her daughter whale-watching. Earlier this year she put her ignorance of Australian history on the record when she claimed that Australia Day celebrated the landing of Captain Cook at Botany Bay.

But at last one senator has had the courage to speak for most Australians by telling Hanson-Young to ?f-dot-dot-dot off?.

Senator David Lleyonhjelm represents the libertarian Liberal Democrat party. He is not one to suffer fools gladly nor shy away from saying what he thinks. On live national television in 2017 he called proponents of online censorship ?dangerous dickheads?. He also told hipster lefty gabfest The Project that childcare consisted mostly of ?wiping noses and stopping the kids from killing each other?. When he told an outraged email-writer to ?Go away and stop proving you are a bimbo. You are not fit to use a computer?, his office responded with concern: ?Usually he just tells constituents who make things up to f— off. We are worried he may be mellowing?.

So when Sarah Sea-Patrol used a Senate debate on importation restrictions on pepper sprays to slur all men as rapists, Leyonhjelm had had enough. Quote:

South Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has accused counterpart David Leyonhjelm of telling her during a debate in Parliament to “stop shagging men”. End of quote.

Like a good lefty, Sharia Hasbeen-Young (as she is also known) immediately resorted to the time-honoured tactic of pearl-clutching. Quote:

“I walked over to the senator and confronted him directly,” Senator Hanson-Young told the Upper House.

“I asked whether I heard him correctly…”Shocked, I told him that he was a creep,” Senator Hanson-Young said. End of quote.

The Senate hasn’t been witness to such an ostentatious show of shock – shock, I tell you – since Gareth Evan threatened to cross the floor so that he could “slowly garrotte” Brownyn Bishop. True to form, Leyonhjelm wasn?t taking any such self-righteousness. Quote:

“His reply was to tell me to f-dot-dot-dot off.” End of quote.

Where most politicians today would scramble for cover and issue a grovelling apology, Leyonhjelm proved his mettle in the face of the inevitable mainstream media ?outrage?. Quote:

Senator Leyonhjelm did not deny the altercation when contacted by the ABC.

“Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young interjected, saying something along the lines of all men being rapists,” he said in a statement?He said he would not be withdrawing his remarks. End of quote.

In fact, true to form he doubled down. Quote:

“That Senator Hanson-Young took offence from my comments is an issue for her, not me.

“However, I am prepared to rephrase my comments. I strongly urge Senator Hanson-Young to continue shagging men as she pleases.” End of quote.

I?m sure I don?t know what he could be insinuating.