Does David Seymour know that public transport is for other people?

I don’t know why David Seymour thought it was cool to admit, as an ACT MP, that he was using public transport.

It backfired on him too: Quote:

Act leader, MP and former?Dancing with the Stars?contestant David Seymour tried to put Green MPs down with a tweet sent from the bus this morning. It didn’t go well.

“Took the bus to work today but didn’t see any [email protected]? MPs on board,” he said, posting a selfie from the bus, at 9.36am.

Twitter users, noticing the time of the tweet, were quick to respond.

“Probably because they arrived on time,” someone responded.

“9:36am! Most bosses would fire you for being late to work,” another Twitter user said.

Other Twitter users reminded Seymour that there are, in fact, a number of other buses. In fact, there are far more buses than Green MPs.

There is also the very real possibility that Green MPs use other methods of getting to work, including equally commendable ones like bicycles. End quote.

What. A. Dick.

I think it is time to end the Epsom Experiment.