Duncan Garner’s brutal assessment of a dysfunctional government

Duncan Garner delivers a brutal assessment of a dysfunctional government: Quote:

You have to hand it to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ? that wide happy smile, no matter how forced, must be getting harder to hold and hide behind.

Because for all the good, lofty intentions and talk of compassion, the naivety and inexperience of this Government has set in, and it looks vulnerable and even terminal at times. Without Ardern, who knows what will happen.? End quote.

It is clear that Jacinda Ardern has no idea what leadership is all about. She is all style over substance, and the irony is that Labour spent more than nine years accusing John Key of the same. Now instead of catwalks, three-way handshakes and silly pronunciation, we have visits to kindies and schools, sloganeering and lazy speaking. It must be difficult for Labour sycophants to reconcile.?Quote:

I mean Golriz the Green was even hailing a 500-bed prison as a stunning success, a fresh approach to rehabilitation, until someone pointed out the truth. The double bunks she railed against were still there, and now in every second cell. Reality over principle is called cost.? End quote.

Just yesterday she was tweeting about war crimes needing to be prosecuted without even a shred of self-awareness, humility or embarrassment considering she defended the worst scum on Earth from prosecution for genocide and war crimes.?Quote:

It’s taken them three minutes to look as shabby, arrogant and as broken-down as a third-term government suffering rampant hubris and pleading to be put out of its misery.? End quote.

With one idiot minister after another presenting their credentials for the world’s biggest fool, one wonders just precisely what it takes to get the sack in Jacinda’s government of imbeciles.?Quote:

The maternity-break winter report makes bleak reading. And the warning in flashing lights screams one-term wonders. Could Jacinda Ardern be a former prime minister at age 40? Perhaps. Maybe that’s unfair. Maybe not.

Her greatest asset could be National leader Simon Bridges, who not only sounds unconvincing but, given all the material on offer, lacks conviction and diction.? End quote.

I wonder when the media will start looking at Jacinda Ardern’s own diction issues. The list of words she can’t say is rather long: absoludely, postividdy, somethink, poverdy. . .? the list goes on.?Quote:

Businesses don’t trust what’s next with this coalition of the willing but barely able.

Water bottling plants that were going to be stopped are now being expanded, thanks to the Greens minister Eugenie Sage, and to the horror of her party.

Shane Jones criticised our corporate farmers at Fonterra and actually got some support for attacking the aloof and out-of-touch beast. But it’s not Government policy, just an exercise in blowing hard and moving on to create the impression change is coming.

Ardern didn’t even attempt to get into an arm wrestle with Jones and, apart from looking disinterested and weak, the other prime minister and MMP MVP Winston Peters had already backed his man-mouthpiece, also known as Northland’s one-stop regional development shop, where everyone gets a handout or a dressing down, depending on what sort of Jonesy turns up.

And when big transformational change came, no-one saw it coming. Ardern took it down the blindside and kicked an industry not only in the guts but over the stands and into touch.

The oil and gas industry is on death row, no debate, no consultation, no future, just the rotten smell of decay when Ardern slipped on the destroy button ? otherwise known as her climate change moment. An astonishing instance, making history by closing an entire industry without a debate around the Cabinet table.? End quote.

A shocking list of indictments of slogans over substance and ideology over facts. The sad thing is that real people are being hurt by this idiocy.?Quote:

Andrew Little was finally doing himself justice until he publicly fell for one of the old dog’s tricks, believing Winston would support a headline that read “Soft on crime works, violent offenders to rehabilitate in the safety of your street”.

My question is why did Ardern even wait for Peters to hit the kill switch when, as PM, she had every right to pull the plug on dumb ideas. That she didn’t shows a worrying reluctance to play the ruthless card that Helen Clark wielded like a stick hovering over errant but scared and shaking ministers on an almost daily basis.? End quote.

Good question. Blind Freddy and his dog can see that proposing to axe three strikes is electoral poison, but Jacinda Ardern just went and visited another kindy and Field day.Quote:

In other news, Clare Curran has been neutered, Phil Twyford is now chief investor, buying houses not building them. It’s called Kiwihoax ? when building gets too hard.

Then there’s Kelvin Davis, who takes over if Winston forgets to show. But Davis is the weakest link, a possum in the prison lights, when the question was so easy: are we double-bunking tonight? Answer? Over to you, Ray Smith, Corrections boss. The excuse for the latest blank was nerves. Let’s hope Davis heads back to his marae tour to ask what M?ori really want. A roadtrip designed to protect Davis from becoming roadkill.? End quote.

The damage is being done by Labour’s own ministers who are showing that they were unprepared, lazy and incompetent.?Quote:

Then there’s the failing health minister who’s fighting for his job.

Then there’s Willie, and someone called Carmel, and Stu’s 1800 cops that is really 1000. Oh dear, prime minister, rest up, use your pregnant pause wisely, take care and use your newly found parenting skills on your return to running your Government.

In the meantime, Grant’s directing play, but Winston’s in charge. End quote.

Not even Grant Robertson is competent. I’m told by Labour and government insiders that most of the budget was written by others.

Jacinda Ardern will be hoping that breastfeeding her baby is easier than managing those muppets.