Environmental Protection Agency 9 : Coalition of Losers 1

In an email from Elizabeth Tate Bennett (who is the Associate Administrator for Public Engagement and Environmental Education of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency),?there is a list of the promises the EPA made and how they have been kept.

  1. ?Withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords
  2. ?Ensure clean air and water
  3. ?Reduce burdensome government regulations
  4. ?Repeal the so-called ?Clean Power Plan?
  5. ?Repeal the Waters of the United States rule
  6. ?Promote energy dominance
  7. ?Promote science transparency
  8. ?End Sue and Settle
  9. ?Promote the Auto industry

How is our Coalition of Losers matching up on this score sheet?

Withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords:

No, we are rushing headlong into this as fast as we possibly can and at only $1.4billion per year – it is a bargain! Our Coalition of Losers gets zero.

Ensure clean air and water:

There is work being done in this area and it is to be applauded when applied correctly. Simply bashing agriculture and horticulture and trashing those industries without all the evidence is not the way to go.? Nevertheless, we will award our Coalition of Losers 1 point for this.

Reduce burdensome government regulations:

You must be kidding me! Landlords are getting hit, Health and Safety are tying people in knots and so on and so forth. The Coalition of Losers gets zero.

Repeal the so-called ?Clean Power Plan?:

We don’t have one, but we will lose the gas-fired power generation soon. The Coalition of Losers gets zero.

Repeal the waters of the United States rule:

Let’s translate that into the Freshwater Rules that may be coming with Maori claiming ownership and so forth. Not looking good at present.? The Coalition of Losers gets zero.

Promote energy dominance:

Ha ha ha!? Jacinda decides to have her nuclear moment and the industry is trashed overnight. The? Coalition of Losers gets zero.

Promote science transparency:

Not looking too flash with the current meth contamination debacle.? No science transparency over climate change. The Coalition of Losers gets zero.

End Sue and Settle:

Not applicable.

Promote the Auto industry:

New Zealand does not have an auto “industry” but James and Julie are dead set on hobbling the import and certification industries with their campaign against fuel powered vehicles. The Coalition of Losers gets zero.