Even great men bow before the sun; it melts hubris into humility

Or so wrote?Dejan Stojanovic: Quote.

Don’t obstruct the Sun,
Said Diogenes to the great man.
And even great men respect the wishes
Of men indifferent to power
But close to the source
Without whose help
Great men would blindly
Sit in the dark.

Even great men bow before the Sun;
It melts hubris into humility. End of quote.

Except, of course in the rarified world of the climate scientists, the sun has nothing to do with ice melting, it is only CO2.? Are the ‘great’ men willfully sitting in the dark?

Have you seen the headlines??99.989% of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Didn?t Melt!

What about???99.85% of the Greenland Ice Sheet Didn?t Melt!

No? I thought not.

What about the headlines?? Increased geothermal activity thought to be responsible for small increase in Antarctic melting.

What?? You missed that one as well?



You have heard that the West Antarctic ice sheet that is melting dangerously and is going to drown us all because we won’t drive electric vehicles, right?? Where exactly is that located?

Oh, golly gosh!? Right on top of all the volcanic vents that have been mapped above.? Hmmm, the melting must be due to New Zealand not adopting Zero Carbon yet.? As soon as James gets that through, those volcanoes are going to die down. (Along with the ones terrorising the Hawaiians and?Guatemalans at present.)

Up north it seems the same applies.

At present there seems to be a general worldwide increase in volcanic activity with over 30 currently erupting. But somehow it is not possible that the extra geothermal activity at the poles is a contributing factor. It is always and only ‘climate change’.

What price honesty in media reports?