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Housing Minister Phil Twyford?

Fortunately, a Labour government built some state houses.

Unfortunately, some of the tenants cooked and smoked toxic meth inside the houses.

Fortunately, a National government removed the tenants and wouldn’t let new tenants inside until the houses?had been deemed safe for human habitation again.

Unfortunately, Phil Twyford asked a doctor to look into the meth contamination levels that are currently used to determine what is safe for human habitation.

Fortunately, this doctor said that most of the contaminated state houses are in fact safe for human habitation and tenants can now be housed inside them which will help Labour solve the housing crisis.

Unfortunately, Housing Minister Phil Twyford has announced a major review into the meth contamination saga. He says that he is not ruling out the possibility of compensation. This means that the government may have jumped from the frying pan into the fire and may soon have a compensation crisis on their hands.