Face of the day

Nikki Kaye

Education Minister Chris Hipkins sent termination letters to 10 of the 11 partnership schools on Thursday, giving them six months’ notice that their contracts will end at the end of the?2018 school year. Quote:

[…] National Party education spokeswoman Nikki Kaye said the termination was a sad day for all the schools.

“This comes from a minister who announces closure of schools publicly before decisions have been made, has selective meetings with one school but not others, rides roughshod over a select committee currently hearing potential changes to special character to help make the schools function by ruling them out in a letter from the ministry,” she said.

“Then he has the gall to claim success that schools have applied for special character when legislation is going through Parliament and some are receiving termination letters so they have no choice.”

[…] Kaye said National was committed to reinstating “an enhanced model” for charter schools if it regained power in the future. End of quote.

– A newspaper