Face of the day

Counties Manukau district commander Superintendent Jill Rogers said the event was part of understanding the community police work in. Photo: Stuff

Today’s face of the day, Counties Manukau district commander Superintendent Jill Rogers, is leading the charge to turn our New Zealand police force into the British police force if these two photos are anything to go by.

In a mosque, a non-Muslim wearing a hijab could be considered appropriate but inside a secular police station it is appeasement and dhimmitude. I am disgusted and appalled that a free, empowered woman would feel that she had to cover her hair in the presence of Muslim men.

That is not understanding:?that is submission.

If a District Commander is already submitting to Sharia law while Muslim numbers are still small what more indignities can the women of New Zealand expect to suffer when the numbers increase?

No need to wear a hijab when around Muslim women but it is a different story when addressing Muslim men.