Fake news 1News pimping the poor and lying while they do it

On Friday Night during 1 News they ran a pimping the poor story of a young woman sleeping in a car despite being 21 and pregnant: Quote:

The Ministry of Social Development has apologised to a seven month pregnant woman, who it admits it failed to support.

It comes as emergency housing providers are gearing up for a busy winter.

Mum-to-be, Annamaria Wijohn, 21, has been offered emergency accommodation but she says it wasn’t suitable.

The Ministry of Social Development apologised for “failing to give Annamarie the right support”.

The apology from Ministry of Social Developments Regional Commissioner, Mark Goldsmith said, “on reflection, the accommodation we referred her to wasn’t suitable for her. She deserved better service from us.”

“We provide immediate help to anyone without a home. There is no wait time for emergency accommodation and we’ll do everything we can to help people find somewhere to stay.

“Many people are able to find their own emergency accommodation before coming to us but when they need help with advice and options, our staff can and do provide options and advice about local accommodation providers.

“The decision on where to stay remains with clients. Our aim is always to support people needing help finding a home into sustainable, long-term accommodation.”

Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern says: “We have essentially doubled the places available and still even then we’re worried we’ll see need.”

The Government has committed to one hundred million dollars toward the problem but admits improvements are slow going.

The Ministry of Social Development confirmed that they had been working with Annamaria this afternoon and have arranged a safe place for her to stay. End quote.

Which is a harrowing story, but why make it worse by using a misleading and down-right deceitful image as the lead in to the story? End quote.

The photo (above) in the background behind Peter Williams is not of a Kiwi situation. Our eagle eyed readers have even found that it is in fact an image from the UK that is used repeatedly on poverty pimping websites.

Worse, it is actually a stock image of a homeless person in Edinburgh in Scotland, about as far from New Zealand as it is possible to get.

Why on earth did TVNZ see fit to mislead viewers with photos of homeless people in Scotland taken two years ago. Are our homeless not good enough for TVNZ?