Fake News CNN suffers major ratings collapse

Fake news outlet CNN went all in for Hillary Clinton and earned the moniker Clinton News Network. Donald Trump has called them out as being purveyors of fake news. Now their ratings are tanking. This is what happens when you ignore your audience and become a political player when you are supposed to be one of the umpires.

Breitbart reports: Quote:

Nielsen Media Research?reports?CNN ratings suffered a major collapse in May, while Fox News Channel continues to dominate the cable news wars.

In ratings data released Wednesday by Nielsen Media Research, FNC extended its run of consecutive months at number one to a staggering 197, while building hitting another impressive milestone: Fox News Channel has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on total day ratings, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers.??

In prime time, Fox News destroyed its competition, with an average total audience of 2.381 million viewers, compared to MSNBC?s 1.384 million and CNN?s 835,000. Among viewers 25-54, the group most coveted by advertisers, FNC shook off a challenge in recent months from MSNBC to claim a clear victory: 461,000 viewers, well ahead of MSNBC (329,000) and CNN (265,000).

Of all the cable news networks, CNN?experienced the biggest decline in primetime viewership, down a full 25 percent in May.

Fox News? Sean Hannity averaged 3.261 million viewers per evening, while Rachel Maddow of MSNBC took a distant second with 2.627 million.

As?reported?by Breitbart News? Editor-at-Large John Nolte, CNN?s highest-rated program,?Anderson Cooper 360,? attracted fewer viewers than all Fox News programs after 6:00 am EST for the month of April.

CNN?s second-highest-rated program,?Erin Burnett?OutFront, had only 965,00 total viewers,?putting the show in 27th place. End quote.

I wonder if New Zealand news outlets will take a lesson from this about involving themselves in playing politics? Somehow I doubt it. If you look at the hosts and the announced changeover of hosts on talk radio in NZ it seems that both NZME and Radio Live are intent on pandering to liberals and ignoring their conservative base.

CNN has only themselves to blame after trying to skew several elections and continuing with their advanced Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Fox News is slaying them comprehensively now.

Time for a shake up in local media, especially radio I think. Hands up who wants a Whaleoil radio station?