Fat sheila upset her tents cost more than skinny sheilas’

Some fat sheila in the UK has gotten her plus-sized panties in a bunch over having to pay more for clothes: Quote:

IT ALL started when Maria Wassell noticed that a pair of green-striped pants from UK fashion retailer New Look were more expensive in sizes 16 and over than the same pants in a smaller size.

Ms Wassell was ?absolutely disgusted? to find the same pair of pants cost ?22.99 ($40) in New Look?s Curves range, but just ?19.99 ($35) in their standard range.

She also claims she paid ?12.99 ($22) for a size 18 striped T-shirt that was being sold for just ?9.99 ($17) in the standard range ? a 30 per cent difference.

In Britain and Australia the average woman is a size 14-16. According to the ABS, the average Australian woman is 161.8cm tall and weighs 71.1kg.

?It?s like I?m being discriminated against for being plus size when I?m only slightly bigger than average,? Ms Wassell told?The Sun.

?Plus size purchases are on the increase. If you look at the statistics, there?s more money being spent on plus size clothing now then there was even three years ago,? Ms Wassell said.

?Why should we be penalised for being slightly bigger? A lot of retailers do this. Some retailers have claimed that plus size clothes need more fabric and that?s why it costs more. That?s basically rubbish.?

She called the price discrepancy a ?fat tax? and said bigger women should not have to pay more for clothes than smaller women. End quote.

Yep, it is a fat tax. Cheaper clothes are just a diet away, but no, she has to whine and mewl over having to pay for the yards and yards of extra cloth that fatty clothes need.

This is why we need a fat bastard tax, though I guess this clothing manufacturer is putting it in practice. Good on them.

This fat sheila needs to realise that life isn’t fair, especially if you are a fatty. She says she is absolutely disgusted by higher prices. Well, I am absolutely disgusted by fat sheilas.

Lose some weight, get cheaper clothes, there’s an incentive for her.