First they came for your plastic bags, now they are coming for your cotton buds

It seems that were are all being forced back into the dark ages, one banned product at a time.

First they came for our plastic bags, now they are trying to ban cotton buds: Quote:

Plastic-stemmed cotton buds are to be pulled from supermarket shelves later this year as companies continue to clampdown on plastic products.

Foodstuffs, which operates New World, Pak ‘n Save and Four Square stores, announced the?new initiative on Friday to mark World Oceans Day.

The announcement comes as Foodstuffs presented a bench to Whale Watch Kaik?ura,?made from 16,000 recycled soft plastic bags and micro beads collected during a?2017 amnesty.

Micro beads?were banned in New Zealand after it became clear the?small particles could end up in the ocean, where they could be eaten by shellfish, fish and seabirds.

Foodstuffs New Zealand managing director Steve Anderson said the company cared deeply about its community, its people and the planet.

“Foodstuffs is doing everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint and nowhere is it more evident about how much this matters, than this wonderful place of Kaik?ura.”

Foodstuffs sustainability manager Mike Sammons said the waste treatment system relied?on waste “settling” to the bottom.

“If it’s a plastic item, such as a cotton bud with a plastic stem, it will float and that’s where it?avoids all the filtration in the wastewater plants and can end up out to sea.

“A lot of the marine ecology, such as the fish, will mistake them for food and they will consume them, and that’s where they enter the food chain and obviously as humans we’re dependant on seafood as well,” Sammons said. End quote.

What a load of rubbish. Waste plants are closed systems, there is no way a cotton bud can float out of a wastewater plant to the ocean. Honestly the rubbish these people spout is worse than the rubbish they are trying to stop getting into the ocean.

I’ve never seen a floating cotton bud in the harbour, I bet no one has. Let’s see the proof.

Still, at least it gives me yet another reason to not shop at Foodstuffs stores.