Goff’s sneaky and furtive behaviour under investigation

Phil Goff has been acting like he is emperor of Auckland and now his office is under investigation from the Chief Ombudsman: Quote:

The Chief Ombudsman has launched an?investigation into complaints by Auckland councillors about the release of reports related to the?proposed central city stadium.

Two Auckland councillors made the complaints in regards to a decision made by the council to impose conditions on the release of the National Stadium and Precinct Pre-feasibility study to councillors.

Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier said on Thursday the first part of the investigation was underway.

“I have written to the chief executive of Auckland Council and notified the complainants.”

Councillor Cathy Casey, who lodged a complaint with the ombudsman over the report, said she looked forward to the Chief Ombudsman’s “response” with interest.

Councillors?Efeso?Collins and John Watson?previously claimed?the full report could only be viewed in Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s office, under supervision.

Collins said the lack of trust from the mayor was “disappointing” and ultimately felt the report was a waste of ratepayer money.

“I have been absolutely appalled by how this has been handled,” he said.

“It is not a high trust environment where we have to go up to the mayors’ office to view this report under the eye of his staff. I suspect he fears information could be leaked, but that is his issue.

“We are the elected members of Auckland???if he does not trust us with the findings, who will he trust?

Casey echoed their concerns at the time saying?she had never been treated with such “disrespect” in her 24 years as a councillor. End quote.

No wonder Phil Goff has lost the confidence of nearly half his councillors. It is astonishing that he has decided to fight back against them and denying there is an issue. Quote:

Earlier this week, nearly half of Auckland councillors?penned a letter of no confidence?in Goff over what they called a lack of transparency and creating a distrustful environment.

In response, Goff?told?Stuff? there was “no lack of transparency”?and councillors had access to a copy of the report two weeks after he had received it.

Some parts of the report had been redacted because stakeholders had included commercially sensitive information, he said.

The redactions had not been made by the mayor but with the council’s lawyers and Regional Facilities Auckland, and had been agreed upon by the Ombudsman, he said.

“There was no secret around the report. I won’t always do what some councillors want ??that’s not my job.”

Boshier said he hoped?to complete the investigation as soon as possible given the high public interest in the case.

Goff has been approached for comment.?End quote.

Goff is being extremely economical with the truth there. He’s sat on that reports for ages, and now he is claiming that it was just two weeks he sat on it.