Guys, don’t lose control of your sperm

Watch out guys, your swimmers are not safe! Even after you have died, they can be harvested and used to conceive a child, whether you want that or not. Quote:

A?woman in Queensland, Australia, has won the right to use her dead boyfriend’s sperm to have children.

Brisbane Supreme Court justice Sue Brown handed down her landmark decision on Wednesday.

She determined Ayla Cresswell should be able to use Joshua Davies’ reproductive tissue but said it was up to the particular medical clinic to decide if it was satisfied to go ahead with the procedure.? End of quote.

Really? A medical clinic is that entity that gets the make the final decision on this?? Quote.

The decision will set a legal precedent in Queensland for women seeking to use the sperm of their late partners to have children.

It is currently illegal in Queensland to take, store, transport and use in IVF a man’s sperm, without his written consent.? End of quote.

As it should be.? What sort of a world are we living in when we can take a man?s sperm and create a child that is half his when he has absolutely no say in whether it happens or not.? Quote

Cresswell, 25, was in a relationship with her 23-year-old partner?Davies, when he died suddenly at their Toowoomba home on August 23, 2016.

Within hours of Joshua’s death, Cresswell successfully applied for his reproductive tissue and sperm to be extracted and stored.

She has been paying for his sperm to be kept in storage at an IVF clinic since.

In the Brisbane Supreme Court last September, Justice Susan Brown was tasked with deciding if Ms Cresswell could use his sperm to have his children.

Brisbane barrister Kathryn McMillan, QC, who represented her at the hearing, told the court that despite their young age, the couple had discussed settling down and starting a family.[?]? End of quote.

Had discussed settling down and starting a family. Excellent, you had a discussion.

Was that ?discussion? robust enough for him to also discuss what might happen if he were to die suddenly before the child was even conceived?

During that ?discussion?, did he record, unequivocally, in writing, that he fully agreed to have his sperm taken from his dead body, stored in an IVF clinic, and later used to create a child that he will never see, and never have any input whatsoever into how that child is raised ?

Because who would do that? I?m genuinely asking.

I know if the roles were reversed, and someone wanted to use my reproductive bits to conceive a child without my explicit consent and raise it who knows how, who knows where, I would not be at all happy about that.

Is this more absurd ?feminism? where the man?s opinion is considered worthless because, well, he?s just a supplier of sperm?