Harvard hates Chinks

Caption: How Harvard apparently sees its Asian-American students (Illust: Gene Luen Yang)

You would think that when one of the world?s most famous universities was evaluating potential new students, the criteria that mattered would be academic achievement. But no: over at Harvard they prefer their students to be nice. Whatever that means.

What Asian-American students are finding out it means is that they can work their arses off and get the best grades, but that isn?t worth a tinker?s damn. Because Harvard really, really doesn?t like Chinks. Quote:

Asians outperformed all other racial groups on every measure of academic achievement: grades, SAT scores and the most AP exams passed. They had more extracurricular activities than their white counterparts. They were rated by interviewers who had met them as virtually on par with their white counterparts in their personal qualities. Yet Harvard admissions officers?scored them collectively as the worst of all groups in the one area ? personality. End of quote.

?You?re a grade-A student, Mr Yang, but ? well, Asians are just assholes.? Quote:

Harvard evaluated applicants on the extent to which they possessed the following traits: likability, helpfulness, courage, kindness, positive personality, people like to be around them, the person is widely respected. End of quote.

All of those traits are absolutely subjective. Exam results are objective, but ?likability? and ?positive personality? is purely in the eye of the beholder. In the eye of Harvard?s admission officers, Asians are unlikable, unhelpful, cowardly, mean – and nobody else likes them, either.

But, just to prove that they?re not racist or anything, Harvard really really likes darkies. Quote:

?Asian-American applicants receive a 2 or better on the personal score more than 20% of the time only in the top academic index decile. By contrast, white applicants receive a 2 or better on the personal score more than 20% of the time in the top six deciles?Hispanics receive such personal scores more than 20% of the time in the top seven deciles, and African Americans receive such scores more than 20% of the time in the top eight deciles.? End of quote.

So Harvard?s racial scale works like this: Ching-chongs and Whities, back of the bus. Spics and Darkies, come right up to the front of the line.

YouTuber Derrick ?Some Black Guy? Blackman has observed that many people who claim to be ?anti-racist? end up being very racist. Harvard proves him right. Quote:

an otherwise identical applicant bearing an Asian-American male identity with a 25 percent chance of admission would have a 32 percent chance of admission if he were white, a 77 percent chance of admission if he were Hispanic, and a 95 percent chance of admission if he were black. End of quote.

Proving the adage about good intentions, the root of all this discrimination is so-called anti-discrimination laws. Quote:

the treatment of Asian-Americans in elite colleges stems from the way our legal doctrine on affirmative action has evolved. The Supreme Court ruled that it was legal to use race as a criterion in admissions in order to pursue the educational benefits of ?diversity? End of quote.

What ?benefits of diversity?? Has such a claim has ever been proven? In fact, as Asian-Americans are finding out, ?diversity? comes with a huge disadvantage. In the name of ?anti-racism?, Harvard is being very racist indeed.

Proving their value as one of the least troublesome racial groups in the United States, Asian-Americans have kept quiet for decades. But now they?ve had enough. A group of Asian-Americans are taking a class-action lawsuit against Harvard for discriminating against ?the highest achieving group of students in America?. Quote:

Harvard?s lawyers will soon tell the highest court in the land that?Asian students are less respected because they are less likable, less courageous, and less kind than all other applicants. End of quote.

Good luck with that, you racist bozos.