Has Goff been busted telling porkies again?

Phil Goff has a real bad habit of making shit up. It was Goff who made up the “gone by lunchtime” quote that undermined Don Brash. Wikileaks proved that he made it up. He also made great use of leaks against Murray McCully from snitches inside Foreign Affairs.

Now it seems he’s been caught being economical with the truth and exaggerating at the very least over the departure of a staff member in his office: Quote:

Auckland mayor Phil Goff’s assertion that he swiftly “removed” a staff member for leaking information, doesn’t match the former employee’s version.

The ex-employee told?Stuff?they had not leaked, not been accused of leaking, and left amicably in Goff’s second week to take up another job as previously arranged.

Goff claimed that he “removed a staff member within days of being made mayor” during?an interview with?Stuff?on Thursday. The mayor did not?identify the former staff member.

On Monday, Stuff spoke to the only staff member to leave Goff’s office in his first month as mayor. They would not be named.

The worker’s contract in the office of the outgoing mayor Len Brown ended with Goff’s inauguration.

The employee said there was an agreement to stay on for 10 days without additional pay, to help with the transition, before taking up a new role outside the council.

They said the question of how a mayoral letter, listing his choice of councillors to chair committees came to be leaked, had never been mentioned.

Goff last week said: “I needed to talk to my councillors before it was in the public arena and a staff member managed to leak that, and that was the end of their prospects of continuing in employment in my office.”

On Monday, the mayor, through a spokesperson, said he stood by his statement that he “removed a staff member”, but declined to comment further. End quote.

It seems Phil Goff is continuing his sneaky, furtive and now mendacious ways. Clearly, he is coming under pressure and he’s not coping with it at all.