Hey Tova, take a chill pill

Before reading further, click the picture and listen to the four-minute interview on Radio Hauraki with Jeremy Wells, Matt Heath and Simon Bridges.

They are all simply taking a light-hearted look at the baby news.

Simon says,?”You know why I am saying these things right now? Cos’ nothing I say is going to make the news in the next five to seven? days… it doesn’t matter what I say.”

Well, he was quite wrong on that score because Tova O’Brien has got offended on behalf of a bunch of people and has called for Bridges to apologise.

At the moment Simon’s response is the correct one. “No.” Bridges said anyone who watched or listened to the whole interview would “see the context and understand what it is.”

So, why has Tova got all offended on behalf of others? (Is OOBOO standard Internet shorthand yet?) Quote.

He probably felt like he was having a laugh with the cool kids, just a blokey chat with the lads, but that’s not an excuse for prejudice. He was baited by the hosts and he took the bait like a sucker. The Leader of the Opposition failed to rise above.

A few thoughts on his brain fart:

  • Failing to unequivocally say you don’t hate the Prime Minister’s new born baby is weird and tone deaf.
  • Calling the Prime Minister and her partner ‘pinkos’ a day after they became new parents is ill-judged.
  • Making judgements about the Prime Minister’s parents – proud new grandparents – and using them as political capital is cheap.
  • Suggesting people get ‘funny ideas’ when they go to university – like it’s some kind of communist training camp – is bizarre.
For Ardern, her family, the country’s tertiary institutions, all the pinkos out there – this won’t be so injurious. They will likely rise above.

But ridiculing people because of their identity and their gender is not okay.

Simon Bridges will argue it was all just light-hearted banter, but there are children and people all over the country struggling with their identity because of the stigma and shame perpetuated by ignorance.

Casual discrimination can be incredibly hurtful and incredibly damaging.?When the country’s leaders do it, it’s even worse. End of quote.

Simon said, “I don’t hate [her]. Hate’s a strong word. I wish her all the best.”? End quote.

Fairly unequivocal!

What relevance is a new birth to the timing of calling a self-described comrade a pink’? A day later, a month later, a year later?? a comrade is a pinko. End of.

Simon said, “Her parents, I reckon, were solid blue. He’s a cop, cops vote blue, they know that we are strong on law and order.”? End quote.

Hardly a judgement and, as for using them as political capital, how many media interviews and TV appearances have the grandparents refused in order to stay out of the political arena? The grandparents of the other 24 babies born in the same hospital on the same day did not get media coverage. Political capital? You bet.

He said, “People get ‘funny’ ideas when they go to university.”? End quote.

Well, many a true word spoken in jest, as they say. Quote:

Like it’s some kind of communist training camp. End quote.

Your words Tova, not Simon’s.

I am still trying to find the bit where Simon ridiculed someone because of their identity or gender,? or the quote:

loutish, transphobic rubbish that poured freely from his mouth. End quote.

Hmmm, 18 of Tova’s last 20 tweets have been about the baby.

Take a chill pill Tova, get a grip and have a laugh at life.