Hosking lashes Labour over their fake news claims on chinky sounding names

Now that the facts have been revealed, and Labour’s fake news over foreign ownership that they shilled to the NZ Herald exposed for the sham it was, we are starting to see commentators call out Labour for their racist and xenophobic claims.

Mike Hosking lashed them yesterday for it: Quote:

I think the National Party made a very good point when they suggested it might just be time for the Labour Party to admit they were wrong when it came to absentee foreign house owners.

The number is three per cent. It was three per cent when they started crunching the numbers. It’s remained three per cent ever since.

National argued while in office that of the issues facing housing, people sitting in foreign ports buying property and remaining absent wasn’t one of the major ones.

Labour, for political reasons because as the numbers show they had absolutely no proof, pumped up the numbers. They told the tale that is was all these offshore millionaires and billionaires who were fleecing the locals and locking us out of the market.

Labour famously claimed the number was around 30 per cent. So wrong by about 10 times. This was the same Labour Party relying on evidence comprised of people buying houses with Chinese sounding names.

But still even with the evidence they intend to plough on and ban buyers. Which is now with evidence and fact shown to be bad policy – bad policy is policy based on belief that is shown to be incorrect.?End quote .

Jacinda Ardern has to own this as well as Phil Twyford. I say Jacinda Ardern has to own it because the architect behind the numbers, who did the number crunching before feeding it to the complicit NZ Herald, is now working in a key role in her office.?Quote:

It’s even worse policy when you know you are wrong before the policy comes to pass and yet you still insist on ploughing on with it. And here’s the super embarrassing thing: a lot of this problem has been based on race. Namely Asians. Asians have nicked all the houses.

Of the three per cent, less than half are Asian. The biggest group are Australians, but they don’t look any different to us do they? So we can’t point the finger.

You can’t spot an Australian in the auction room. But you can see the Chinese and so this has turned into an embarrassing race blame game.

And which for those who have played the game, I hope now in some small way they feel slightly awkward – if not embarrassed.?End quote.

I wonder if the NZ Herald will apologise for falling for Labour’s fake news. They ran this story hard at the time. It was exclusive, and as a result of their story they also saw the resignation of one of their data journalists who had more integrity in his little toe than Shayne Currie has in his whole being.??Quote:

So one might hope now, armed with an increased series of facts, that we can at last put to bed the urban myth that the absentee owner is prolific, and locking us out of housing.

Because it’s three per cent, it started out at three per cent, has remained three per cent, and is still three per cent.

It is not the issue the xenophobes want it to so desperately to be. End quote.

Will Phil Twyford apologise to Asian Kiwis? Will Jacinda Ardern?

Hope springs eternal, but it is highly unlikely that those two will exhibit humility anytime soon.