Hosking on Twyford’s Kiwibuild fraud

Mike Hosking doesn’t mince words in his expose of the fraud of Phil Twyford’s Kiwibuild: Quote:

Here?s a quote from Phil Twyford, Minister for Building A Million Houses: ?I would hope we would be turning the key in the front door of a Kiwibuild home sometime in the middle of next year.?

He said that last year when he first got into Government. The middle of next year is here, it is June, and what did he say on the news Friday night?

?We?ve got the first batch of 18 Kiwibuild houses that we expect families will be moving into them by October.???

October? Which is, of course, not the middle of the year.

The significance of October is, I heard that and I thought ?hold on here, October is one year in?.

One year into Government, he will have 18 homes built. His promise was 10,000.

I did the maths for you ? 10,000 minus 18 leaves you 9,982 short.

It?s fraud. End quote.

Yes it is. He and the government will be held to account for this misfeasance. Worse than that, the 18 houses he is claiming as Kiwibuild homes were actually consented and started under the National government. A double fraud.

There is no way he is going to get even a fraction of the houses built he has promised to build, not without simultaneously tanking the private sector’s building programme.

Phil Twyford’s ego and mouth have written cheques that the government can’t cash.