How fake news happens: The dirty truth about Ghostbusters

The 2016 remake of Ghostbusters is not just a textbook example of the growing dissonance between critics and audiences: it?s a case study in fake news.

In recent years, review aggregator sites like rottentomatoes and metacritic have been showing a growing divide between critics and audiences. In the case of Ghostbusters, critics gave it a respectable overall score of 60, yet audiences rated it a dismal 2.9. How this happened also tells us a lot about how the mainstream media peddle fake news.

If you were foolish enough to pay any attention to the mainstream media, you would no doubt be well aware of the fact that the Ghostbusters remake was a masterpiece of cinema and a bold feminist statement, which should have broken box office records had it not been unfairly destroyed by misogynistic manbabies.

Or maybe not. Red Letter Media‘s “Scientist Man” exposes what turns out to be yet another mainstream media-created myth.

First off, the movie was a car-crash of bad ideas and toxic studio politics and legal bullying from the get-go. Quote:

The original cast was essentially bullied into cameos by the studio, which is apparently why Bill Murray looks miserable. One leaked email appears to state that they were thinking of taking legal action against Murray if he didn’t play ball. End of quote.

You know your movie’s a winner when you have to sue actors to be in it.

Caption: He’s happy because the lawyers will break his legs if he isn’t

But the big story peddled by the media was that a great movie and heroic feminist statement was destroyed by the toxic, fragile masculinity of misogynistic, basement-dwelling internet man-babies. Quote:

The trailer … went on to get the most down-votes of any movie trailer in the history of the world. Was it because this was a Ghostbusters movie with women? Or was it because it looked fucking terrible? Who can tell by just a downvote?

It was widely reported that Sony was deleting general negative comments about the film [i.e., ‘this movie looks terrible’] and leaving the childish, misogynistic ones, in order to have an angle to market their terrible film. End of quote.

But who?d believe that? It?s not as if powerful movie studios would spin lies in order to sell a bad product, or that a compliant media would push that narrative just because it agrees with their world-view. They know perfectly well that the internet is just awash with woman-hating neckbeards who are driven into a frenzy of hatred by the mere sight of a woman on-screen.

Or maybe not. Let’s look at the facts: Quote:

The original upload by Sony of the first Ghostbusters trailers is currently at 38045852 views. Out of all those views, a total of 1256434 people have hit the ?Like? or ?Dislike? button, which is 3.3% of the total view count. The percent of Dislikes is 2.5%. That said, 96.7% percent of people watched the trailer but didn’t click ?Like? or ?Dislike?. End of quote.

Oh, facts, shmacts. What about all the vile, misogynistic abuse in the comments that the mainstream media told us about? Quote:

A narrative began to form about how childish, racist man-babies such as yourselves were hating on the trailer, mainly because of women and/or minorities. It seemed to be all anyone was talking about. In fact, news story after news story began to pop up, and when the press and bloggers thought that these poor, highly-paid actresses were being attacked via YouTube comments by overweight, virginal, Ku Klux Klan, basement-dwelling toy un-boxers, they rushed to their defence, to help expose the injustice that was being done.

But on a video with 38 million views, there are 279,282 comments posted. That means that 0.73% of the people that watched the video commented. Ergo, 99.27% of the people that watched the trailer did not comment. Even if every one of those comments were sexist and misogynistic, it would still be less than 1%. End of quote.

But those comments were mixed in with many positive comments. Quote:

Out of a random sample of 1000 comments?roughly 12% of comments were very specifically anti-women.

When that number is put against the number of views as a whole, 0.08% [of internet viewers] felt the need to say something negative about female Ghostbusters. 99.92% did not. End of quote.

Remember, this is after Sony allegedly deleted many positive comments in order to boost the narrative of widespread misogyny.

What all this adds up to is that Sony deliberately manufactured a fake feminist controversy. The ?liberal? mainstream media rushed to counter all the misogyny they fervently believe permeates Western society. The supposed fact that racist toxic white male man-babies hated Ghostbusters made the media determined to love it. No matter what. Quote:

By taking some relatively insignificant numbers, and exacerbating a small problem, they were able to ignite a fraudulent movement based on a dumb, unfunny comedy film. End of quote.

Exaggerating data and spinning a false narrative about an almost non-existent problem in order to launch a crusade of lies. That?s the fake news mainstream media in a nutshell.