Intimidation won’t stop Sikh shopkeeper flying the St George flag

Caption: Sikh British shopkeeper Gagan plans to put up more English flags in defiance of intimidation

Jailed British activist and freedom martyr Tommy Robinson once said of Britain?s Sikh community, ?You can?t get a better community in this country. They are so British?these are the best people I?ve ever met in my life?.

Robinson noted that Britain?s Sikhs proudly celebrated St George?s day festooned in the red and white. Yet councils across Britain have tried to ban the flying of St George?s flags: to avoid ?offending? Muslims, of course. Meanwhile, Muslims can defiantly fly Islamic State and Hezbollah flags outside the Houses of Parliament and police turn a blind eye.

One British Sikh is having none of it. Quote:

Abusive letters won?t stop Ilford Sikh shopkeeper from displaying England flags during the Football World Cup

A Sikh shop owner said hate mail will not stop him from flying the St George flag outside his business to cheer England on in the football World Cup.

The defiant manager of GMS Heating & Plumbing Spares, Ilford Lane, was shocked to receive abusive letters saying that as an Indian he should not be showing support for the three lions. End of quote.

It?s notable that the letter-writer says that the shop owner should ?put Pakistan flag out side your shop?, not ?Indian?. Quote:

The heating and plumbing professional said he has shown support for England in the world cup for the last 20 years and the notes gave him the impetus to stick up even more?we love this country otherwise we wouldn?t be here. End of quote.

Unfortunately, certain other people might be in England, but they don?t love it. At least, not as it is. Quote:

The shop manager claims another business on the same street has also received abusive notes for putting up England flags. End of quote.

Caption: Few communities in Britain are as proudly patriotic as Sikhs

Britain?s Sikh community are exemplars of successful immigration and integration. While maintaining their distinct religious and cultural traditions, they repeatedly demonstrate their wholehearted love for their country.

And they don?t detonate pressure-cooker bombs to shred little girls to pieces. Quote:

?These are the wrong people, not the ones who enjoy being part of the English culture.? End of quote.

As stridently patriotic British website Westmonster commented: ?Well said, sir?.