John Roughan on the Labour party’s politicisation of a baby

John Roughan serves up a warning to the Labour party about politicising and using a baby for political gain: Quote:

The Labour Party’s congratulatory message, “Welcome to the team” and Andrew Little’s posted photo, celebrating in a party hat, suggests some in the party are salivating at the political possibilities but they need to be careful. The public would not respond well to crass exploitation of our royal baby. End quote.

No, because we are constantly told that family are off limits. But what does one do when the family in question is foisted on us in the media by the politicians and family themselves?

If you court publicity then you can hardly request privacy when something untoward occurs.?Quote:

Grant Robertson called the new mother a role model for working mothers and that is where the political impact will be felt. The Prime Minister and her party will not need to labour the point. When she speaks on subjects such as parental leave, equal employment opportunities, childcare, facilities for mothers in workplaces, pay equity, career interruptions, work-life balance and much else, she can speak with implicit empathy and authority.End quote.

Really? If she was committed to all of those things then she would match her rhetoric with actions and not take six weeks off, instead she would take six months off to match Labour’s paid parental leave policy. We’ve been told that this time is vital for mothers to bond with children, and yet we are also not told that if you are just like Jacinda Ardern then you can do everything. Of course most other mothers who gave birth on the same days as Jacinda Ardern got the heave ho from hospital within 24 hours, and they certainly don’t have 25 staff, limousines and security staff, nor do they have taxpayer funded transport where ever they go.

Might we see Labour push for every new mother to have at least five staff, a limousine service or at the least taxi chits for a few months and taxpayer? funded travel?