Jones goes off again


If the current government really wants business confidence to improve, one of the best things they can do is to gag Shane Jones. After lambasting Air New Zealand for behaving like any other profitable business a few months ago, now he is having a go at Fonterra. This from?Stuff?Quote:

Outspoken Cabinet Minister Shane Jones has taken a huge swipe at Fonterra saying it’s time for a restructure and the chairman should “catch the next cab out of town”.

His comments come just months?after he launched an extraordinary broadside?against Air New Zealand, suggesting its chairman step down and its chief executive stay out of politics.

On Wednesday, the Regional Economic Development Minister tore strips off Fonterra saying, “I’ve been bloody disappointed that Fonterra, in my view, their leadership have not accepted there’s been a new government and there’s a new narrative, and I’ve had a gutsful of them believing they’re bigger than what their writ really is”. End quote.

Maybe Fonterra’s management has not accepted that there is a new government because members of that new government are so hopelessly anti-business? Taking public swipes at them is not going to improve that position, no matter what. Quote:

He wants the company to “focus less on interfering in politics and more on justifying the money they’ve lost overseas”.

“I believe that they have become disconnected from the farming community and I said in front of Mr John Wilson that I have requested the Minister of Agriculture – when he looks at his dairy restructuring – identify the issues and whether or not it’s time for us to look at a restructuring of Fonterra,” Jones said.

“The leadership of Fonterra I believe, starting with the chairman, is full of their own importance and have become disconnected.” End quote.

Priceless coming from Shane Jones, who is also full of his own importance and completely disconnected with the realities of business. Jones is doing nothing to improve business confidence in the new government. He is doing exactly the opposite. Quote:

National’s regional development spokesman Paul Goldsmith says the reason business confidence is plummeting is because Jones is repeatedly seeking publicity by attacking business leaders.

“Shane Jones’ attacks on Fonterra’s leadership are the latest burp from a man who is fast losing any respect he once had.

“He says Fonterra’s leadership is ‘full of their own importance’.? That sounds like a more apt description of himself,” Goldsmith said. End quote.

I’m not sure that Jones commanded a lot of respect in the wider community anyway, as he is still fondly known as the Minister of Porn. But whether he did or not, he is probably losing that respect rapidly now. Quote:

And he didn’t stop there, turning his sights on economists as well and their lack of “super-natural powers”.

Jones’ criticism of economists and analysts came on the back of a question about the ASB regional scorecard, which said Northland was right at the top and Taranaki was at the bottom, which was in part to do with the Government’s end to oil and gas offshore exploration permits.

“Economists are guesstimators, not all economists are very good at mathematics and those that are tend to show us that statistics can tell you any lie,” Jones said.

Asked whether that was an attack on economists, he said, “economists in my view had their status elevated as high priests of modern political economy”.

“I’d rather listen to ordinary business people, firm owners. No, I don’t buy into this school of thought that the economists are somehow endowed with super-natural powers,” Jones said. End quote.

Except that you don’t listen to ordinary business people, do you Shane? Rather, they have no choice but to listen to you.