Kirton resigns before review revealed

When it comes to politics I do not believe in coincidences. Andrew Kirton has resigned just before the three month Labour Party review of sexual assault at the Young Labour camp is due to be released.

Surprisingly he expects us to believe that right after the party he worked so hard to get into power finally achieved that power, he had planned to leave his plum position for the private sector before even a year had passed. This, despite him previously expressing his ambition to become an MP and despite him being so keen to have the job that he left “a high-powered job in London 18 months out from the election last year to run the party’s campaign”

Why would someone resign from a job just when their party is at an all-time?high? Labour will have money pouring in at the moment. People will be keen to do them favours. Andrew Kirton?s job will be the easiest it has ever been so something else has to be behind this resignation and I strongly suggest that it is linked to the sexual abuse and alcohol scandal and Kirton?s handling of it. Quote:

Labour’s Andrew Kirton who came under fire in the wake of the Labour Party youth camp allegations is leaving his job as general secretary to join Air New Zealand.

[…] He’s?previously said he has ambitions to be an MP?but wanted to prove that it was possible to go from a job within the party and back into the private sector before becoming an MP. End of quote.

Does anyone seriously believe that he would choose to achieve his ambition of becoming a Labour MP the hard way instead of from within the Labour party? Quote:

[…] Kirton faced public criticism when news broke of sexual assault allegations at a Labour Youth Camp in February.

It’s alleged a 20-year-old man sexually assaulted four teenagers, between the ages of 16 and 18 […]

Kirton and Haworth were both told about the incident but didn’t report it to the teenagers’ parents,?police or Ardern at the time.

A wide-reaching review into the party’s handling of the allegations is still underway and a report and recommendations are due imminently. End of quote.

The review is of the four alleged sexual assaults at the Young Labour youth camp as well as the supply of alcohol to unsupervised minors on premises that did not have a liquor licence. By rights, this should have been an explosive scandal that was in the Media for weeks but it was quickly shut down when Ardern announced that there was to be a review that would take three long months.

Credit: Luke

The Labour party so far have managed to suppress an explosive scandal that involved no less than four alleged victims. There has been no further mainstream media coverage of the story and not one of the alleged four victims appear to have pressed charges. Given the amount of?attention?the media have given to the #Metoo campaign, one could be forgiven for wondering why the four alleged victims have remained silent and have taken no action whatsoever against their alleged abuser.

Credit: Luke

According to Newsroom? lawyer Maria Berryman was told in March to investigate how the Labour Party handled the affair: “its general culture and any other incidents of sexual harassment or abuse within the party.” The concerning part is that her findings are not to be made public but are to go only to key party leaders.

We, therefore, have no way of knowing if the report has already been received and the public will never be allowed to know what happened and what steps have been put in place to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

There is high public interest in this story. Labour have always defended people who they call whistleblowers in the past. I, therefore, invite a whistleblower inside Labour or Young Labour to contact me personally sb at or via the Whaleoil?tipline if you think that sunlight is needed on this suppressed scandal.