Knighted for services to Labour and troughing?

So, Bill English scored a knighthood. The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

Former Prime Minister Bill English was checkmated by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in 2017 but today he was knighted by her Government in recognition of his three decades in office.

After being appointed a Knight Companion of the Order of Merit in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, he will use the title Sir William on formal occasions.

However he hoped most people will stick to calling him plain old Bill.

His wife Mary will take the title of Lady and English said that recognition of a spouse was a good thing about the honour.

“For Mary, who’s been in public life really for almost 30 years its great to see recognition of her strength and resilience for all those years and keeping our family anchored so that when we’ve come out of politics we are all here and together.”

He hoped his children would also see it as recognition.

“I hope they take some pleasure in it because they’ve been part of a household that has been very committed to political life and that political life has had quite an impact on the household.

“Some of that has been great for the kids, they’ve had exposure to a lot of different people and ideas. Some has been pretty demanding at times.” End quote.

Ain’t life grand. You spend 30 years in the trough, having your day to day expenses paid for by taxpayers, enjoy fat padded expenses, travel the world and New Zealand essentially cost free, and enjoy a salary most Kiwis can only dream of. Then, even better after 30 years of sucking on the pubic teat, someone gives you a knighthood.

What was it for? Services to troughing? Services to Labour?

That must be it, services to Labour. He’s helped them win three elections. In 2002 he performed so badly in losing that it nobbled National for 2005, and then he lost again in 2017. He’s the only guy to get a knighthood for being a loser.

I really despise politicians getting awards for doing their jobs. They got paid handsomely for it and already have the title honourable if they were a minister.

What is even more ironic is that he got a knighthood after denying so many other more deserving people similar awards.

Still, Labour must be very grateful to him, they are in government because of him after all.